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The Intriguing World of Jewish Time

The Intriguing World of Jewish Time
The Intriguing World of Jewish Time
  • Which Shemoneh Esrei was last recited in the year 1994, and won't be recited again until 2089?
  • Why is it that some people's nineteenth Hebrew birthday does not fall out on the same day as their civil birthday?
  • On the night of his bar mitzvah, a boy flies from Australia to Los Angeles, where it is a day earlier. Does he become "un-bar mitzvah"?
  • Is a person's first yahrtzeit commemorated on the yom hamisah or the yom hakevurah?
  • Why are seventeen pesukim in the Torah sometimes not read at all during the course of the year?
  • When is the only time a klaf is rolled backward in the middle of the haftorah?
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