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Adventure in the Amazon #5

Adventure in the Amazon #5
Adventure in the Amazon #5

In the Amazon, the largest rainforest on earth, rare and dangerous creatures live side by side with primitive, savage tribes. There, in the formidable jungle, Juan Carlos, leader of a Brazilian commando unit, must fend off dozens of daring warriors from the Lumbargulo tribe.

Juan Carlos didn’t end up in the Amazon by accident. He ventured into untamed territory to search for his son, Cinco, who was kidnapped by terrorists. But only when he reaches the Valley of Death does he discover that the mission he faces is much more complicated than he ever dreamed it would be. Will Juan Carlos succeed in his mission? Will he survive his encounter with the savage tribesmen? And where is his son?

Find out when you embark on an Adventure in the Amazon…

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AuthorAvraham Ohayon
Weight1.1 LBS
Dimensions9" x 12"

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