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Hospital Corridors

Hospital Corridors
Hospital Corridors

Neil Grossman, a successful neurosurgeon and dedicated father, seems to have it all - until he meets the opportunity of a lifetime. Will his frenetic race to the top cost him his family, his integrity, his health - and ultimately, his career? 

Batya, his daughter, is stuck in the shidduch system. Will she become another statistic because her father's ambitions are on a collision course with her future?

Alex, Neil's son, in a desperate bid for his father's attention, goes down a dangerous path that could cost him his life.  

It's down to Tamar, wife, mother and nurse, to hold this family together. 

Be enthralled by Hospital Corridors, a medical drama written in the refreshing and inimitable style of noted author Yael Mermelstein.

Book Attributes
AuthorYael Mermelstein
PublisherHamodia Treasures
Weight1.7 LBS
Year Published2023
Dimensions6" x 9.5"

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