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Slave on the Seas

Slave on the Seas
Slave on the Seas

Two plots, brilliantly woven.

But only one can succeed.

Under the oppressive Roman rule, Itamar joins a secret group of rebels. When the Romans seek to kill the young traitor, Itamar turns himself in and is sentenced to life as a galley slave.

Back at home, his scheming servant lays hands on Itamar’s fortune.

But there is one item that Itamar can still claim.

Ride the stormy waves of a naval battle, walk the streets of old Yerushalayim, and visit an ancient castle, rumored to have been the home of Shlomo Hamelech.

Book Attributes
AuthorC. Singer
IllustratorStudio Segalovitz
PublisherCircle Publishing
Weight1.3 LBS
Dimensions9" x 12"

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  • Weight: 1.30lb