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Wonderous Ways of the Tzaddikim

Wonderous Ways of the Tzaddikim
Wonderous Ways of the Tzaddikim
Wondrous Ways of the Tzaddikim is just that - a wonderful collection of stories of great Jewish figures, all inspiring, entertaining, and educational for Jews of every age.

This collection of stories comes from across the spectrum of Am Yisrael; from east and west, from centuries past and modern times. These stories, which originally appeared in the popular Sichat Hashavua, will fill readers with a love of Yiddishkeit through real-life examples of Jews who demonstrate the sublime ideals of faith in the Creator, emunas tzaddikim, love of Torah, ahavas Yisrael, and middos tovos. How can a reader not come away with a love of Yiddishkeit after immersing himself in this glorious ocean?

Many of the stories have been newly edited and revised, with additional details for a richer, more nuanced tale. As an added bonus, every story comes complete with a short biography of the tzaddik.

These short, engaging stories make for a great read, whether at the Shabbos table, as a bedtime story for the children, or for personal inspiration. Written in a language accessible to all, there is something here for every Jewish adult, teen, and child.
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