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Beneath the Stars

Beneath the Stars
Beneath the Stars

A good story can transport a newly independent reader to another time and place. With Beneath the Stars, a fully illustrated leveled reader, your child will absorb Torah values, learn about Jewish history, and develop a love of reading at the same time.
This suspenseful tale begins when Reb YItzchak Zilber was a young man, living in Communist Russia. The government made strict laws against teaching Torah and mitzvos, punishing people for breaking the rules. One year on Sukkos, young Yitzchak and his father were determined to eat their yom tov meal in a sukkah. They searched and searched, but it seemed hopeless. Had anyone been brave enough to build a sukkah beneath the stars?
A wonderful addition to an exciting series for beginning readers!

Book Attributes
AuthorRivkah Yudasin
IllustratorJacky Yarhi
Weight0.5 LBS
Year Published2023

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