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Danger in Seville

Danger in Seville
Danger in Seville

In middle of their birthday, there's a knock on the door. Who could it be? Did someone inform on them? Or see them? What will happen now?

In just one minute, the world of the Del-Mendala family changes completely and their life of comfort and luxury is exchanged for a life of fear and worry. The men are taken away and nobody knows what happened to them and the women and girls are worried that someone's spying on them. Meanwhile, their grandmother devises a secret plan...

How is the birthday present going to save the girls? Who are Jauna and Miguel and what are they planning? What did Reuven decide about the hardest choice of his life?

This thrilling story takes place on the backdrop of the Spanish Inquisition, when the Jews were forced to pretend to be Christians while secretly observing Torah and mitzvos. The eyes of the Inquisition pried in every corner and whoever was caught was thrown into prison -or, even worse, dies al kiddush Hashem. Join the Del-Mendala family as they light Chanukah candles in this dangerous time, laugh with them at the foolishness of those around them and help them devise a brave and dangerous escape plan... Shh... turn the pages quietly, so on one hears you!

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