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Tenth Grade

Model: CECD-1
Newly typeset - Fully menukad - It will enhance the way you learn Chumash.    •Every word of every commentary is menukad, with the rashei teivos spelled out    •The text of every commentary has undergone thorough review and diligent research, ba..
Model: JETH-1
The ArtScroll Hebrew-Only Tanach - in a mid-sized, 1 volume!Perfect as a student resource or for travel!All 24 books of the Torah, Prophets, and Writings are now at your fingertips in one magnificent 1,200-page, Hebrew-only volume,Newly set, accurate, carefully researched text ?Crisp, clear introduc..
Model: KAF-1
A Chasidic Discourse by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi--Chasidic Heritage SeriesAs true as the fact that the mind and its elements are gifts from G-d, so does faith inspire us in a way that mere accumulation of knowledge cannot.Faith`s inspiration lifts us beyond the boundaries of our finite existenc..
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