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Childrens ages 5-8

Model: 0899065155
Children learn by seeing, and every page in this book has an exciting scene with all sorts of objects, each one clearly labeled in Hebrew and English over 500 words in all. It's a book your children will love! By Shmuel Blitz. Illustrated in full color by Liat Benyaminy Ariel. Large format 8-1/2""x1..
Model: 1578191955
Timeless lessons are retold here with reverence and charm. The values that we all want our children to absorb - faith, kindness, forgiveness, charity - are made clear through traditional, biblical stories coupled with examples, and charming illustrations by Tova Katz.Shmuel Blitz, the author of fiv..
Just A Week To Go!
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Model: 0899068022
Follow Raffi, a lively five-year-old who lives in the Old City of Jerusalem, and watch him get ready for Shabbat and Pesach. Great full-color pictures of the Old City. Ages 5-9...
Model: 1422614646
Kiddush Hashem. It's about living — the way a Jew should live. Chaviva Pfeiffer, whose collections of Maggid Stories for Children have delighted tens of thousands of youthful readers, and Rabbi Shraga Freedman of Mifal Kiddush Hashem, bring our children a very special gift — an extraordinary collect..
Model: 0899067891
These beutiful tales are brought to life by a great storyteller and a brilliant artist. Wether you're a child or grandparent, you'll have a hard time putting this book down before you're finished...
Model: 1422611108
STOP! LOOK! READ! This may well be the most important picture book you will ever share with your children. We all want to keep our children safe, secure, confident and happy. With its delightful pictures and child-friendly rhyming text, Let's Stay Safe helps us give our children essential life ..
Model: 1422609154
Children like birthdays and baseball games. They like going to camp and collecting gedolim cards. And they like, they really like, stories. Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky has touched thousands of readers with his bestselling ""Stories for the Jewish Heart"" series. Now, in this endearing, beautifully wri..
Model: 1422609340
To watch an exciting trailer of this fascinating book press ""PLAY"" below. Four stones have been stolen. Four stones must be found. A quiet family vacation in Jerusalem turns into high adventure as Ilana and Ari Goldreich set out on an unforgettable quest through time. Sent on this mission b..
Model: 1422609006
Would you believe that Joe Schvindler and Duvy the klutzy delivery boy both have a lesson to teach? We all know that the words of Pirkei Avos, the Chapters of the Fathers, reflect the eternal wisdom of Torah. How do we take that wisdom and hand it down to our children? How do we make Pirkei Avos rel..
Model: 1422600181
Wisdom, wit, and wonder infuse each imaginative tale in this newly released collection of stories written and illustrated by celebrated storyteller and artist Rabbi Yitzy Erps. Each tale contains a crafted, subtle message which will stay with young readers long after the book is back on the shelf! Y..
Model: 1578192951
In this lavishly illustrated book, Chaviva Krohn Pfeiffer selects the cream of the stories made famous by her father and, with a deft touch and rare sensitivity, serves them up for children. This is a beautiful and irresistible book. The stories are tried and true, and Norman Nodel makes them look a..
Model: 1422606481
With each succeeding volume of the Maggid Stories for Children, Chaviva Krohn Pfeiffer shows how much storytelling brilliance she has inherited from her famous father - the American Maggid, Rabbi Paysach Krohn. This third volume in the series takes young readers on an unforgettable journey around th..
Model: 1422605493
Rabbi Yechiel Spero is back with a new collection of great stories written especially for children. Each story is heartwarming, exciting, and teaches us valuable lessons about living a Torah life. Yes, and Shaya Schonfeld, the talented artist that drew the pictures in Rabbi Spero's first Touched by ..
Model: 1578194369
What child doesn't love a good story? And there's no more popular storyteller today than Rabbi Yechiel Spero, the author who wrote two Touched by a Story bestsellers for adults! This collection of stories, new and old, were hand picked by Rabbi Spero and told in his inimitable style -..
Model: 0899067913
When you think of the Yeshiva world, you think of intillectual battles to understand a Tosafos or explain a Rambam. Did you know what Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzensky said? He said that a great accomplishment is thinking of a way to make a widow smile. In these stories we will see how some of our greates..
Model: TSO-1
Interactive. Adorable. And just plain fun. The book your children and grandchildren will love - especially for Pesach!Pesach is such a wonderful time for children. And what is more exciting for little ones than when they search for ten pieces of bread during bedikas chametz? In this unusual an..
Model: RRD
A Must-read for Parents, Educators, and Children Alike! Rafi sees his older brother read mountains of books and wonders why he can't do the same, until he is shown unique approaches to learning that connect him with the wonderful world of letters and words. Once again, acclaimed educator..
Model: ACHG-1
Shmuel Blitz and his brilliant children's books never cease to amaze, this is his seventh book -- and they just seem to get better and better. This time, he puts his talents to the task of creating a Children's Haggadah, and the result is one that will be enjoyed by child and grown-up alik..
Model: TVBG-1
Jewish tradition relates that before giving the Torah to the Jewish people, the Creator first offered it to the nations of the world, who chose, for one reason or another, to not accept the offer. Only thereafter did the nation of Israel accept this divine gift. It is this momentous event in the his..
Model: HWNW-1
Yosef Learns to Finish the Job Little Yo is a great kid, except for one thing: he never finishes what he starts. Then one day, Abba asks him to help build and decorate their family's sukkah. Yo is excited about the project and eagerly gets started on it. After a while, though, he gets bored and..
Model: WTRW-1
Chesky learns Who is the only One controlling all the weather. Chesky loves the spring, and the summer, and the fall, but he loves the winter most of all. He loves playing in the snow, and he can't wait for the first snow day of the year!  But, what happens when the weatherm..
Model: MLLB-1
With so much money, it's more than enough to buy ourselves a whole lot of stuff! Or so Menachem and Lieba think, until they discover that when they don't plan carefully before spending money, it doesn't take long for their big, purple purse to become emptier and emptier.  Me..
Trapped In Hydropolis (Horwitz)
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Model: TIHH-1
Just an angry driver?Just an innocent walk at the seashore?Just a mysterious note from the Professor?Tak and Benjy have no idea what awaits them deep undersea. In the dim, blue hallways of Hydropolis, they are forced to come up with creative ways to make sure that the evil Dr. Flux do..
Model: TSOR-1
The events of Megillas Rus, as explained by Chazal, for young children. Introduce your children to Rus, the forebear of Mashiach, in a most delightful way!In The Story of Megillas Rus, the saga of Elimelech, Naomi, and their family comes alive for junior readers by way of enchanting..
Model: EOHH-1
The Illustrated Tanach Series for Children  Eliyahu on Har Hakarmel tells the story of how, in the times of the first Beis Hamikdash, a terrible drought spread throughout the land because of the avodah zarah of King Achav. The crops did not grow, and the Jewish n..
Model: TSCK-1
...on the trail of dangerous robbers  The Secret Clubhouse Kids have their own cozy clubhouse and secret password. And now they have their very own mystery to solve, too! When Moshe, Dovid, Shloimy, and Shimon, the four members of The Secret Clubhouse Kids, come to sh..
Model: LUTR-1
Social Skills for My Hands, Feet, and Mouth Is your child using his hands to hit, pinch, or pull hair, or using his feet to kick and stomp? Is he using his mouth to scream and yell, instead of speaking properly? Many children simply don't have the instinctive knowledge of how to use their hands..
Model: YTYB-1
A Trip Around the Year in a One-of-a-Kind Bakery If you were a baker With an apron and hat, A mixing bowl and blender, And much more than that, - then what would you bake for each Yom Tov?  Children often associate the Jewish holidays ..
Model: WTBW-1
Book & Read-Along CD Hamotzi...Hagafen...Mezonos...Ha'eitz...Ha'adamah...Shehakol... How well do YOU know your brachos? In this charming and fun book that comes with its own read-along, musical CD, children will learn the different brachos to say on the various foods they eat. In addit..
Model: MDFB-1
A fun and endearing book for kids, Mitzvah Dolls incorporates actual photos of adorable, dressed-up dolls, together with rhythmic rhymes, to create an effect children will love! Come and meet the Mitzvah Dolls - the cutest characters you've ever seen! Follow them around their day, as they do one m..
Model: HCSG-1
Bestselling author Bracha Goetz teaches kids the most amazing things about the yummiest "candy" available--our delicious fruits and vegetables. What do you think you would see If you opened the door? What would you find on the shelves In Hashem's Candy Store? In this adorable book by bes..
When I Check On You At Night (Houser)
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Model: WCYN-1
"Mommy, please tell me, Before you turn off the light: What do you do When you check on me at night?" In this whimsical yet touching bedtime story, the special love that parents have for their children is explored and reinforced, with lots of surprise giggles along the way! Enjoy a warm "goodni..
Model: 9781600917011
Adapted From The Bestselling Novel By Shmuel Argaman Dear Children, Knocks at the door in the middle of the night throw an innocent Jewish family into an impossible situation, and mark the beginning of a turbulent journey. With great determination and deep faith in Hashem, Shlomo and T..
Model: ABFS-1
The Step-by-Step Reading Series Have you ever waited a long time for something good to happen? Then you'll surely be able to relate to Simi as she waits and waits for her bud to blossom. Her impatience turns into real worry; will a flower ever grow? Join along with Simi as she learns that good ..
The Stupendous Adventures of Shragi and Shia (Softcover)
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Model: SASS-1
"Hey Shia, did you hear they wrote a book about us?" "Really Shragi? About us? Why would anyone write a book about us?" "I have no idea, Shia."We know exactly why they wrote a book about Shragi and Shia. Because of all the things that twelve-year-old Shia, and his ten-year-old brother, Shra..
Model: LSFC-1
How did a pot of cholent help discover a lost Jewish child? Why did Rav Shach prepare for Shabbos by rocking a baby's carriage? How did Baron Rothschild save millions by keeping Shabbos? Why did the little Arab boy love the song Lecha Dodi?Shabbos. What a fantastic gift from..
The Book Of Amazing Facts And Feats #4
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Model: AFF4-1
Do You Know… Which sukkah is decorated with a chandelier made of 500 wine bottles and 450 bottles of oil? / Where was the first Arabic edition of the Talmud Bavli published? / When was the first volume of mishnayos published in Chinese? / What is the Jewish book with the most commenta..
The Book Of Amazing Facts And Feats #1
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Model: AFF1-1
Step aside, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, and make room for a book that really makes a Jewish jaw drop! How big is the world's largest tallis? Which letter appears most in Tanach? Which animals can fly without wings? What is the driest place on Earth? Faster than you can say, "Wow!", these f..
Model: AFF2-1
Imagine a book crammed so full of information that each page opens your eyes to dozens of different things you've never known before. Imagine a book that's so eye-opening, riveting, and splendid that you--and your kids--can literally spend hours immersed in it. Imagine a book that testifies to the g..
The Book Of Amazing Facts And Feats #3
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Model: AFF3-1
Do you know…Who had the strongest hair? Who has the highest IQ on record? Who donated the most sifrei Torah" Which is the smartest nation in the world? Who is the world's all-time record breaker? Where was the world's largest matzah baked? When was the first "traffic accident" in space? Who was the ..
Model: AFF5-1
How was origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, used to launch a telescope into space? / What instrument can be played without being touched or blown into? / Is there such a thing as “Israeli food”? / How did Bamba, Israel’s quintessential snack food, save babies’ lives? / Where is the million-d..
Model: TTTC-1
Learning Torah is the most important mitzvah of all. The mashalim of the Chofetz Chayim teach us why. Come along on an exciting journey, like no other trip you've ever taken! Fly on the wings of your imagination to a small village from days gone by. Join Yanky and his friends as they meet ..
Model: EFEH-1
Who would ever believe that Avi Friedman, the kid that least liked to work, would find himself scrubbing Pharaoh's bathhouse?  Join us for Avi's awesome journey back in time, to a world ruled by merciless Egyptian taskmasters. Follow his adventures, as he finds his family enslave..
Model: JIPS-1
An original, fascinating rendition of the miracles of Megillas Esther Dear Children,You all know the story of Megillas Esther. You've surely heard it many times. But have you ever thought of how it looked, and how it felt?Can you close your eyes and imagine the reaction of..
Model: DHMS-1
The Children's Tanach Series Beautifully illustrated by Aharon Z. Bernstein and written by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer in his trademark engaging style, this book will help make an important chapter of Jewish history come alive for your children and will leave them wanting more, as they grasp the incr..
Model: JIBG-1
An original, fascinating rendition of the miraculous story of Chanukah Dear Children, You are all familiar with the story of Chanukah. But did you ever think about how it really looked, and how it felt to be there? Can you close your eyes and imagine yourself as one of those children ..
Model: 9781600915727
Nothing that happens in the Schneider household is normal! What happens when... ...Etty decides to form a detective club? ...The light in the stairwell turns on in the middle of the night-night after night?! ...Motty chases after the mysterious footprint that flies away? ...Yoni goes ..
Model: TTCC-1
Chanukah Comics  You've all heard a lot about Chanukah. Now we'd like to invite you on an exciting journey, like no other trip you've ever taken before... Fly on the wings of your imagination to a small village from days gone by.  Join Yanky and his friends as they mee..
Model: JCM2-1
It's action! It's adventure! It's chessed at its best! It's... Junior Chaverim! Somehow, wherever the Junior Chaverim are, they meet up with chessed opportunities that lead into adventure. In Junior Chaverim 2, the lively bunch has another set of adventures in store for them as t..
Model: TTPC-1
Pesach Comics You've all heard a lot about Pesach. Now we'd like to invite you on an exciting journey, like no other trip you've ever taken before... Fly on the wings of your imagination to a small village from days gone by. Join Yanky and his friends as they meet fascinating characte..
Model: 9781600912979
Nothing that happens in the Schneider household is normal! What happens when... ...Bentzy decides to find the queen in order to make the brachah of "Shechalak mikvodo l'basar v'dam"?...Lali calls the fire department to rescue a cat from  the roof? ..
Model: 2314-1
The 23 Schneiders are now being joined by a family of mice in their home! Nothing that happens in the Schneider household is normal! What happens when, Tully begins to sleepwalk? A big fight breaks out among the kids and everyone takes sides? A family of mice decides to move in with ..
Model: 9781600913563
What happens when the Schneider household undergoes renovations, amidst the hilarious antics of the 21 Schneider children?Nothing that happens in the Schneider household is normal! What happens when... ...Abba and Ima announce that they are renovating the house? ...Lali and Etty set a..
Model: 9780873063548
Savta Simcha is back at Three Rimon Road in Jerusalem where she discovers that Uncle Nechemya has taken in a raggedy little boy named Ezra. Join them on an off-the-trail tour through the Holy City. Pepper Cookies, strange horses, flying letters, an amazing bonfire and a hammer for Mashiach are just ..
Model: 9780873061872
When a highly unusual old lady from Jerusalem turns up in Wintergreen City, USA, carrying a large black, lumpy, bag, strange things begin to happen. Canaries, Mr. Kronkeit, nutmeg tress, leaking roofs, and fluff-plops fill the pages of Savta Simcha with delight, laughter, and solid Jewish values. Th..
Model: 9781583304525
In this latest volume in the Savta Simcha Collection , Savta Simcha and Uncle Nechemya leave the little red-roofed house on Three Rimon Road in Jerusalem, and set off on a round-the-world trip to visit far-flung friends. With a bag full of special gifts, they go from Alaska to Australia, f..
Model: 9781598268317
The very basics of what prayer is all about can be shared, even with the very young, and the best proof of this lies in the charming book When I Daven. By introducing elementary concepts such as acknowledging the gift of life, being in touch with your senses, observing the world around you, tha..
Model: 9781422619698
Did you know that smiles can fly?It's a rainy day and Bentzy is sad.The rain is falling harder, for sure there's no ball. There's no reason to smile, no reason at all. And then Bentzy's mother gives him a great, big smile. And suddenly everything seems fine.Cause smil..
Model: 9781945288104
א רייכער מאַן – געצוואונגען צו אָפּלאָזן זיין פּאַלאַץ   אַן ערד ציטערנישׁ – פּונקט אין ריכטיגן מאָמענט   שׁרעקעדיגע נאָכלויף – צווישין ריזיגע וואַסערפאַלן   אַ צוקלאַפּטע הייזקע – וואָס בּ..
Model: 770389600037
Reb Leizer spent twenty years (!) of his life in prisons and labor camps in Siberia.These were twenty years of inhumane suffering. Reb Leizer was beaten and tortured, imprisoned with murderers and thieves.But he did not capitulate!Throughout the years of imprisonment and exile, his sp..
Model: 9790826605396
A boat docks at a mysterious remote island....How do you sail across the ocean on a handkerchief?A top commander insists that his soldiers' training take the most roundabout route...And why would the Baal Shem Tov ask a poor person for his very last piece of bread?Get all the ans..
Model: 770389600022
Exciting stories and experiences that happened to the Rebbe's shluchim around the world. The stories provide a glimpse into the world of shlichus and emphasize the supernatural hashgacha pratis that the shluchim merit at all times.Russia - Eretz Yisroel - Austria - Argentina..