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Sparks of Tanya Volume 1
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Model: SPOTN
By: Robert Kremnizer A simplified guide to knowing, understanding and applying Chabad philosophy The Tanya, the foundation of Chabad-Chasidic philosophy, has been termed the written Torah of Chasidut. It is endlessly deep and wide and answers all of l..
Model: 101M-1
In Wisdom to Heal the Earth, Tzvi Freeman provides a glimpse of the Rebbe's vision of humanity's great journey, and demonstrates how the choices we make in our everyday lives are vital, crucial, and especially urgent today, in reaching our ultimate destiny. In Jewish parlance we call ..
on the Essence of Chasidus - Chasidic Heritage series   /   ענינה של תורת החסידות
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Model: EOC-1
A Chasidic discourse Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson the Lubavitcher RebbeIn this landmark discourse, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, explores the contribution of chasidus to a far deeper and expanded understanding of Torah. The Rebbe analyzes the relationship chasidus has wit..
Model: TIAN-1
An easy-to-read synopsis to understand and review TanyaWe present you with a chapter-by-chapter synopsis of Tanya, so that you can grasp the basic outline of the sefer. Wether you are following the daily schedule of Chitas or another pattern, the synopsis offer a quick review and a general pict..
Model: LSMF2-1
By: Kehot Publication Society / SIE Translated By: Rabbis Eliyahu Touger & Sholom B. Wineberg Language: Hebrew / EnglishSelected discourses by the Lubavitcher Rebbe that emphasize the spiritual themes of the holidays from Nissan through Elul. Discourse..
Model: FFRC-1
Feminine Faith turns from a mitzva which is done by men to one celebrated primarily by women—Rosh Chodesh, the celebration of the New Moon in which women alone rejoice by refraining from normal work.The Rebbe’s profound text explores the unique gifts of the feminine—its connection to the undivi..
Model: CURW-1
Recent years have seen a shift in the approach to religious life among members of the Israeli Religious Zionist and the American Modern Orthodox communities. The trend towards spirituality, and to Hasidic teachings and practices in particular, is noteworthy and deserving of exploration. This volume ..
Model: ST1
In this groundbreaking commentary on the Tanya, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi's classic work, Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz seeks to reveal the author's powerful fire and spirit contained therein. In doing so, he unmasks his own burning spirit, his own love, awe, and closeness to God.Through..
Model: TCAJ-1
For more than two centuries, individuals who have lived by the teachings of Jewish mysticism and Chassidus have been recognized as people full of joy and inspiration, radiating life and energy. This genuine joy comes from profound spiritual awareness of life and an absolute clarity of direction, liv..
Model: TOTL-1
They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover. But this book is different.Think Outside the Lox is a new collection of transformative essays revealing fresh perspectives on Jewish teachings and traditions, based on age-old Chassidic texts and the insights of the Baal Shem Tov..
Model: SFB-1
Two hundred and fifty years ago in the Ukranian city of Berditchov, a great Chassidic master guided his followers along a passionate and uplifting path. With his actions, he conveyed the excitement and beauty of living life as an eved Hashem; with his words, he taught them exalted teachings filled w..
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