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Tishrei can be overwhelming, with so many meals and dishes to prepare. Renee Chernin brings you easy-to-prepare, custom-tailored-for-the-day dishes you won’t be able to resist.  From the Mango-granate Barbecued Fish to the delectable Beets Everything Chocolate Cake with Chocolate..
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 A stunning and sumptuous new cookbook from nutrition and wellness coach and expert, Vicky Pearl. Brooklyn born and bred, Vicky has penned an indispensable collection of gluten-free, dairy-free and kosher recipes. In fact, it’s the first of its kind. Having been a consultant for over 17 years, ..
Model: 1422608174
Crafting Jewish is a unique and beautiful book. It has been designed both for experienced crafters looking for creative and unusual ideas and For beginners just starting to discover the joys of crafts. This book has it all! Over 120 holiday and everyday projects, each with step-by-step instructions ..
Model: 1422614883
Delectable. Delicious. Dairy! Do you love cheese? Delight in pasta? Do you like creamy desserts? Are you looking for new, original, and creative dairy recipes? Here's the cookbook that will take your dairy life to a whole new level! Invite Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek - the bestselling authors of..
Model: 1422611442
Over 170 easy-to-make recipes Full-color photos throughout Side dish pairing suggestions Tips for food preparation and storage Picture it. You're holding a cookbook featuring amazingly easy recipes - with tantalizing variations on familiar themes, using ingredients you already have on hand, with ..
Model: 0899065589
An authoritative yet practical guide to kashruth observance today, by one of the world's leading experts in a field that grows consistently more complex. This book explains many frequently used terms and contains a wealth of information that is not available anywhere else. Widely acclaimed by expert..
Model: 1578197074
In this dazzling new cookbook, Susie Fishbein helps you prepare meals that look like you've spent hours in the kitchen, without the fuss. "I want the cook to feel like I'm standing in the kitchen, guiding every step," says Susie. "Cooking tips, presentation ideas and practical, down-to-earth ins..
Model: 1578190711
Give your kids memories and skills that will last a lifetime! Thanks to Susie Fishbein - author of the best-selling cookbooks Kosher by Design and Kosher by Design Entertains - you and your child can have the time of your lives in the kitchen. A time to experiment with new cooking ideas and taste t..
Model: 142260957X
Wow! 5 gorgeous ""Kosher by Design"" cookbooks! 1 amazing gift!Here's something guaranteed to put the ""wow"" back into gift-giving: five of Susie Fishbein's best-selling cookbooks, in a beautifully designed slipcase.Susie Fishbein created a stunning, and tasty, revolution in kosher cook..
Model: 1422613097
Have you ever wished Susie Fishbein could be with you in the kitchen? Now she can! In Kosher by Design Cooking Coach the celebrated cookbook author and international kosher food expert shares her homegrown secrets for creating magical results - as if she were right there with you! Whether you are a ..
Model: 1578194474
Susie Fishbein has done it again! A new cookbook with all of the elegance and flair of the original best-selling Kosher by Design, with more magnificent photography, great ideas and Jewish hospitality! Be inspired...let your imagination soar! Susie Fishbein reveals the secrets of successful hos..
Model: 1578191173
This sixth volume in Susie Fishbein's celebrated Kosher by Design cookbook series was crafted with your good health in mind! Kosher by Design Lightens Up is a gorgeous culinary guide, bursting with easy-to-do ideas for eating and feeling better. This cookbook teaches healthy cooking and food combin..
Model: 157819072X
From Susie Fishbein, author of the most popular kosher cookbook series ever, comes a tantalizing new volume tailored for the time constrained cook in all of us! Featuring the high quality approach associated with the first three volumes, Susie serves up uncompromisingly delicious recipes that are s..
Model: 1422609987
You're young, busy, don't have a lot of time, but like to cook - or would like to learn. Then here's the cookbook you've been hungry for! Susie Fishbein knows creative cooking; her best-selling Kosher by Design series has revolutionized kosher cuisine. Susie also listens; so when teens and young ..
Model: 1422614352
60 Easy-to-Make Kosher Recipes Full-Color Photo for Each Dish Many Step-By-Step Photos Cooking School ABC's Measuring & Conversion Guide From Panini Wraps to Hot Dog Garlic Knots to Homemade Button Candy — Kids, you'll never be bored (or hungry!) again. Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek have created ..
Model: 1422608972
The Essential Book for Every Jewish Home Rabbi Binyomin Forst is a master at explaining halachah in a readable, understandable, and practical manner. In The Kosher Kitchen he explains the basic principles of kashrus and their practical ramifications, showing us how to avoid problematic situations a..
Model: 0899061036
How many of us have the background to seek rabbinical guidance on kashrus problems - intelligently? How prepared are we to deal with the maze of modern appliances in the typical kitchen? This book explains the principles of kashrus laws, and shows how real-life problems fit into the framework of hal..
Model: 1578190738
In this fifth cookbook in the celebrated Kosher by Design series, Susie Fishbein makes Passover preparations elegantly simple. Featuring a blend of Passover-adjusted Kosher by Design favorites, with over thirty brand-new recipes and full-color photos, this is one cookbook you'll love to use thro..
Model: 1422613534
Brisket Eggrolls? ""Matzaroni"" & Cheese? Non-gebrokts Banana French Toast? All Kosher for Passover? Unbelievable - but true! Leah Schapira, author of the bestselling cookbook, Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking, has teamed up with noted food editor Victoria Dwek to create Passover Made Easy, a cookbook th..
Model: 1422614220
60 EASY TO MAKE KOSHER RECIPES FULL-COLOR PHOTO FOR EACH DISH PLATING AND SERVING SUGGESTIONS IN DEPTH SPICE GUIDE COMPREHENSIVE INDEX Step aside, main dishes. The spotlight is on starters and sides! True, main dishes are important, but if you want meals that shine with creativity, elegance, or just..
Model: 1422601056
Click HERE to hear the fascinating story behind Rabbi Abraham Twerski’s “A Taste of Nostalgia”, an exclusive audio interview from the Gavriel Sanders Show, Apr. 3 on WSNR AM 620, metro NY.  This exciting collection of nostalgic stories is written by the master of t..
Model: 1422614727
The authors of Yeshiva Me'on HaTorah's wildly popular A Taste of Pesach mailings have put together a complete collection of kosher for Pesach family favorites in a magnificently presented, down-to-earth compilation you will find yourself referring to again and again. The stunning, full-color photogr..
Model: PFP-1
Surprise your guests. Surprise yourself. And make your food Perfect for Pesach!In this debut cookbook, Naomi Nachman shares her popular recipes from over two decades of cooking and catering for Passover. Perfect for Pesach presents easy recipes that use innovative flavor combinations to crea..
Model: SSC
You Won't Believe It's Low-Calorie!From that moist Corn Muffin you grab for breakfast, to your creamy Eggplant Parmesan for lunch, to your Sesame Chicken & Lo Mein for dinner... enjoy all your favorite dishes, now surprisingly low in calories!Did you know that low-calorie dishes can be..
Model: FFMSC
In this groundbreaking book, a pediatric endocrinologist, explains that restricting total and saturated fat and dietary cholesterol for cardiovascular disease and obesity prevention is a total myth. Nutritional reduction of hunger is an essential first step in controlling body weight.  The..
Model: 1422620557
The creator of world-renowned kosher food blog, Busy In Brooklyn, Chanie Apfelbaum makes her cookbook debut with a collection of modern, cultural, trendy, and bold dishes that reflect her passion for reinventing traditional foods with a Millennial vibe. Over 150 innovative recipes for e..
Model: PFL
Naomi Nachman is a renowned, round-the-world cooking teacher, food columnist, recipe developer, and personal chef. The author of the bestselling Perfect for Pesach cookbook shares her passion and enthusiasm for cooking, serving, eating, and sharing amazing food - every single day. Perfect Flavors br..
Model: ACC
Embark on an adventure! Enter your kitchen, open this book, and let the magic begin! Indulge in a burst of irresistible flavor, savor nutrient-rich delicacies, and feast your eyes on the stunning presentations!The Aishes Chayil Cookbook presents: 200 exclusive, succulent recipes ..
Model: TF2-1
If you're a newlywed, a beginner cook, or anyone looking for a wholesome, basic cooking guide full of super-easy yet super-delicious recipes, then this cookbook is definitely for you! Table for Two: A Kallah's Cookbook is THE cookbook for every kallah. You'll find all t..
Model: SGC-1
Simple to create - gourmet on your plate! Simply Gourmet -- the title says it all.Open this magnificent cookbook and prepare to be transported to the wonderful world of Rivky Kleiman's SIMPLE to prepare yet GOURMET in taste recipes. Rivky is the co-author of the Bais Yaakov Cookbook, and is fam..
Model: 9781422623336
More than 120 recipes, each with a clever variation Stunning pictures with every recipe Many gluten-free recipes, all clearly marked Nutritional information is included for every recipe Daniella Silver, author of the bestselling Silver Platter cookbook..
Model: SAS-1
Keeping Kosher and celebrating the Jewish holidays are given an added, joyful dimension, with practical guidelines interwoven with spiritual insights into many aspects of Jewish life and observance.Recipes range from traditional favourites such as blintzes and chicken soup to Szechuan chicken, ..
Model: RLKC-1
What makes a dish memorable? Yes, it's got to be delicious. Sure, you need fabulous taste combos and lovely presentations. But a really memorable dish is so much more. It's about the caring that goes into every ingredient. It's about serving food that creates warm memories that can last a lifetime. ..
Model: CWT-1
Life is hectic... Food is everywhere. It’s hard to eat healthy and it’s even harder to diet.How can you lose weight and keep it off once and for all? The answer isn’t in the latest fad diet. It starts and ends in your own kitchen. Learn how to cook food that tastes delicious and loo..
Model: JBJC-1
Jewlish by Jamie serves up your favorite Jewish recipes from around the world. From our desire to recreate the flavors that came out of our grandparent’s kitchens this cookbook was born. Eating a meal from the pages of this book is not just eating a meal; every meal is a reflection of the world..
Model: RLCP-1
Hundreds of thousands of home cooks turn to Miriam Pascal’s food site. They know that they will find recipes there for food that is wholesome yet elegant, adventurous yet doable - and fun! Thousands of her fans asked for it, and now, finally, here it is: Miriam's stunning collection..
Model: 9781422618349
Daniella Silver, author of the bestselling The Silver Platter: Simple to Spectacular, once again teams up with Norene Gilletz - the acclaimed "matriarch of kosher cooking" - to bring a whole new level of elegance to our tables. Simple Elegance offers Daniella's many devoted fans food that is as..
Model: FEKC-1
Over 170 easy-to-make recipes Full-color photos throughout Side dish pairing suggestions Tips for food preparation and storagePicture it. You're holding a cookbook featuring amazingly easy recipes - with tantalizing variations on familiar themes, using ingredients you alread..
Model: SOSW-1
ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ...... a fabulous dessert to enhance your Shabbos and holiday meals?... everyday baked goods and cookies to keep in a jar on the counter?... delicious treats to please every member of the family?... show-stopping sweets to impress your party guests?Someth..
Model: ORTB-1
In Our Table, food stylist and recipe columnist Renee Muller invites you to partake of her family's favorite dishes, each vividly presented with an art-quality full-color photo. Refreshingly simple, distinctively delicious, and crafted from common ingredients, the time-tested recipes in Our Table ar..
Model: JOKG-1
Jamie Geller, "the bride who knew nothing", has done it again!In her newest cookbook, she shares more than 200 ideas for fast, fresh family-friendly recipes, each with tips on how to dress them up for entertaining or dress them down for everyday meals. Accompanied by gorgeous full-color photos,..
Model: 9781680250732
Bais Yaakov Cookbook 2, Complete, Informative, Inspirational! Features: · An exclusive collection of 150 exclusive traditional and contemporary recipes to elevate Shabbos, Yom Tov, and every day, with elegant photos. · Traditional recipes and step-by-step illustrations to enhance your ..
Model: 9781422625781
Delicious recipes and beautiful art and photos worthy of space in your kitchen and on your coffee table! An extension of the @peaslovencarrots community Danielle has built, where tens of thousands of people tune in daily for recipes and cooking tutorials, lifestyle tips, and all things family ..
Model: 9781422627389
"What's for Dinner?"Is that the question you hear, night after night?And often, are you simply stumped?In this epic collaboration, the team behind Between Carpools, the popular lifestyle site for busy Jewish women, brings you the cookbook you really need with easy-to-prep di..
Model: 9781422627839
Whether you’ve been making Pesach for many years, or it’s your very first Pesach staying at home, let My Pesach Kitchen show you how to prepare for Pesach and serve fabulous meals on Yom Tov and Chol HaMoed — without stress! Faigy Murray, a popular recipe developer and food blogger, w..
Model: 9781422628430
Sina Mizrahi, recipe writer and photographer of the blog Gather a Table, shares over 160 recipes that incorporate fresh, bold flavors in satisfying meals and sweets. With approachable, vibrant dishes inspired by her Middle Eastern roots, she encourages you to gather around the table to share in the ..
Model: TCD-1
What happens when the greats of the kosher food world come together in one cookbook? You get Taste.Taste, a cookbook collaboration between The Voice of Lakewood and Feldheim Publishers, presents a collection of 160+ tried-and-true recipes with pictures that pop off the pages. Each recipe tastes like..
Simply Cookbook
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After the smashing success of her highly acclaimed cookbook, Simply Gourmet, people came to rely on Rivky Kleiman's recipes, knowing that they are easy to prepare and always simply delicious. Rivky's thousands of fans have enthusiastically followed her since her first foray into publishing..
Model: FYL-1
Since 2015, Rorie Weisberg, CHC, recipe developer, health columnist, and founder of Full ‘N Free, has been showing the kosher community how doable and delicious it is to enjoy the foods we love … with ingredients that love us back.Food You Love transforms all your traditional favorites. Pancakes for..
Model: BOK
In this epic collaboration, the world’s top kosher cookbook authors come together to bring you the greatest collection of their most iconic recipes + best new creations. As you turn the pages, you’ll keep saying, “I love this one! And this one, too!”.Best of Kosher features 84 of kosher’s most ..
Model: TKBOC
Kids love challah!In The Kids Book of Challah, Rochie Pinson brings her decades of challah baking and teaching experience to the next generation of challah bakers. Kids—and adults—of all ages will be enchanted and delighted by this stunning book of challah.From baking terms ..
Model: TGT
Welcome to a delicious celebration of our most inspired cooking…the food we share!Food writer and veteran culinary educator Naomi Ross teaches us how to master the basics of home cooking. Savor morsels of wisdom and practical tips for entertaining, cooking for a large crowd, appreciating “culinary c..
Model: TKCB-1
More than 150 fun, flavorful, and modern kosher recipes inspired by dishes from around the world—featuring quick-and-easy weekday meals, traditional recipes, and unfussy holiday dinners from the creator of the blog Busy in BrooklynKnown for bringing a trendy edge to kosher meals, Chanie’s recipes ar..
Model: SHACOOK-1
Instant New York Times bestsellerNamed a Best Cookbook for Fall 2023 by Food & Wine, Eater, and Simply RecipesThe author of Sababa returns with a collection of good-for-the-soul recipes that embody the spirit and pleasures of ShabbatAs a child, Adeena Sussman l..
Model: MARSPO-1
Following Vera Newman's signature low effort-high reward recipes from her first book, The Marblespoon Cookbook, tens of thousands of Marblespoon fans have already discovered how to create bold, unique, and family-friendly meals.In Marblespoon at Home, she shares a brand new repertoire of t..
Model: RLPC-1
Miriam (Pascal) Cohen understands your life. She knows how much work goes into Pesach preparations and, especially, Pesach cooking. She knows that the best Pesach recipes are about balancing beloved traditions with surprising innovation, for delicious meals that fit your lifestyle. Real Life Pesach ..
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