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Model: BKH
This volume deals with the past, present, and future. It speaks of why God created the world to begin with, and Man's role in that ongoing Creation. It speaks of the Presence of God in the world and Man's ability to attract or repel the Shechinah. Most importantly, it speaks of the relationship..
Model: 137-1
Nature and science have served as a source of parables to explain profound spiritual insights throughout Jewish history. The general teaching of the Chassidic Movement, founded by the Ba’al Shem Tov, is that every Divine concept has a parallel manifestation in the physical world, and also a spiritua..
Model: 913-1
Gematria or Torah Numerology has fascinated Jewish and non-Jewish students of Torah for millenia, perhaps because of its relative simplicity and instant appeal to both the intellect and the imagination. Innovations to this legitimately Rabbinic field of Torah study were usually introduced by the few..
Cantillation of Scripture
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Model: CANTI-1
The Torah is not only read…it is sung!The musical notations – commonly referred to as “trop” – that accompanies every public Torah reading, were transmitted at Sinai along with the written and oral Torah. The trop, in addition to conveying meaning, emotion, and proper pronun..
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