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The Jan Czuker Family Elucidation of the Torah's CommandmentsSefer HaChinuch is one of the great classics of the 13th Century. Although the anonymous author states that he wrote it for his son and the youth of his time to learn on Sabbath afternoons, it was embraced by the entire nation as a ma..
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An incredible companion to Sefer Bereishis! In this distinctive work, the author examines the lives of the Avos through the unique perspective of the Maharal. An illuminating, in-depth guide to the personal journey every Jew must undertake in the course of one's life...
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The term “buyer beware” as it turns out, applies as legitimately to the realm of “science” as it does to, say, buying a used car. There’s a tendency, in this day and age, to put scientists on a pedestal, as if they operate in a germ-free ideological environment, or are driven by objectivity alone. B..
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This unique compendium summarizes dozens of core Chabad teachings that explain and inspire Jewish faith and observance. Drawn from the vast body of works of the Rebbes of Chabad, it will engage, educate, and inspire readers from all backgrounds. A concise bottom-line, plus an extensive list of follo..
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Chizuk. Financial advice. Validation. Halachos. Personal narratives. Legal information. Therapeutic techniques.And courage and tears and joy and coping and advice on how to deal with Shabbos and Yom Tov, insensitive remarks, loneliness, and everything else that goes with living on your own...
Kosher Laughs & Lessons For Life #2
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It was hardly surprising that the first volume of Kosher Laughs and Lessons for Life (Mosaica Press, 2018) sold so well. After all, its hilarious (kosher) jokes and down-to-earth lessons brought laughter and meaning to anyone who read them.In this sequel, famed educator Rabbi Yehoshua..
Inspirational Israel
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Israel is beautiful, inspirational, and the most spiritual place on Earth.Its visual beauty is extraordinary and varied. Its history is meaningful and intriguing. Incredibly, despite possessing few natural resources and a constant need for self-defense, the Jewish People have successfully retur..
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In Wisdom to Heal the Earth, Tzvi Freeman provides a glimpse of the Rebbe's vision of humanity's great journey, and demonstrates how the choices we make in our everyday lives are vital, crucial, and especially urgent today, in reaching our ultimate destiny. In Jewish parlance we call ..
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Appearing in the pages of Ami Magazine for over seven years, "Ask Rabbi Shais Taub" has gained a wide and dedicated following who return weekly seeking his astute guidance, clarity, inspiration, and deep faith.Rabbi Taub’s trademark style of answering the questioner and not just the q..
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A Sefer on Hashgacha Peratis unlike Any Other!Hashem’s constant, intimate involvement in every Jew’s life – Hashgacha Peratis – is fundamental to Jewish belief. This essential guide gathers a remarkable array of classic sources – Gemara, Rishonim, and Gedolei Acharonim ..
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After having one child or more, most couples are able to consider having another. Life-changing decisions like these should be educated and well-informed ones. It is no secret that Jewish tradition encourages a Jew to continue having children should the opportunity arise. In today’s society, this po..
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The United States Congress President in 1991 endorsed a set of seven universal ethical principles, known as the Noahide Laws, as the "bedrock of society since the dawn of civilization" and as values "upon which our great nation was founded." Associated with the name of Noah, with whom this moral cod..
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Who would have imagined that the Twelve Prophets / Trei Asar are related to and interact with the twelve Hebrew months? But in this fascinating book, R' Zvi Ryzman shows that they are indeed very closely related. The author integrates a wide variety of sources from across the centuries -- from the T..
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A dusty, ancient suitcase remained largely unopened for generations. Its contents were precious letters and documents, from the greatest Gedolim of the nineteenth century. They were the collected correspondence of two Lithuanian sages who had emigrated from Russia to become dayanim in the ..
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The Torah Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom is a milestone in publishing. It includes: Entries on every animal found in the Torah, Prophets and Writings, every reference to the animal in Scripture, a vast range of sources from the Talmud and Midrash, detailed analyses of the identities of thes..
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The characters of the Bible are some of the best known in all of history, art and literature. Yet the heroes and heroines of the Bible—Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Eve, Sarah, Deborah and the others—remain elusive and enigmatic. Biblical Images, a collection of twenty-five portraits of biblical figu..
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100% Heymish Guaranteed! NOW IN ITS 6TH EDITION!!  NEW SECTION!! Yiddish-English/English-Yiddish Dictionary In The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Yiddish you’ll get:   Over 1500 of the most common Yiddish words and expressions. ..
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Rabbeinu Asher, the Rosh, is one of the classic codifiers and commentators on the Talmud, one of the select few whose writings have become indispensable to a proper understanding of the Talmud and Halachah. Greatness in Torah goes together with greatness in piety and in love of fellow Jews. The Rosh..
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Tsefat: The Mystical City takes us on a journey of exploration throughout her vibrant history, from her mysterious roots to the present day. The "Golden Era" of 16th-century Tsefat comes alive, that enthralling period when Torah giants like Rav Yosef Karo and the holy Arizal carved in..
The Guide To Lashon Hakodesh, #1 Mastering The Basics (Marcuson)
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This volume introduces you to the main rules of Biblical Hebrew. In sixteen short, easy-to-follow lessons you will learn how the Hebrew language works and be taught how to break down and translate Hebrew words exactly. Now every letter will be accounted for, and no longer will you have to “guess” th..
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G-d is one. The first two days of creation witness the unfolding of the concept of the number two. This unique work emerges from the convergence of Torah exegesis, Chinese medicine theory, geometry, biology, chemistry, quantum mechanics, particle physics, string theory, astrophysics, cosmology ..
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Why Bad Things Don't Happen to Good People addresses one of the most frequently asked questions of all time. After the passing of his wife at a very young age, leaving him with four children under the age of nine, Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt spent years finding the balance between his over..
Torah and Mathematics
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A collection of essays discussing Torah topics related to Mathematics, written by Prof. Dr. Baruch Chaim (Bernie) Dickman z"l, Prof. Dr. Sender Epstein and Prof. Dr. Yonah Wilamowsky..
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it's all we really want, and when we think about our life and our world, we realize that shalom - peace- is all we really need. No matter what we have or don't have, no matter what we're going through, if we're at peace with ourselves and those around us, we can thrive.Nevertheless, each person..
Model: ABC-1
Have you ever wondered... why?Why do we need science if everything is contained in the Torah?Why are there so many scientists who are atheists and non-believers?Why did G-d create such a huge universe?Why don’t the medicinal remedies mentioned in the Talmud work nowadays?If you have, then ABCs of To..
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Yedias haTorah is a central yet sometimes forgotten component of being a serious lomeid Torah and talmid chacham. So many lomdim lack guidance in how to acquire yedias haTorah. The sefer in your hands, in the words of HaRav Ahron Lopiansky shlita, is “a much needed practical guide in how to turn ‘le..
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What do dreams mean? How do I explain death to children? Is circumcision barbaric? Who created G-d? Could I have more than one soulmate?We all have big life questions. But we don’t always know who to turn to for the answers.For over twenty years, millions of people around the wor..
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A true delight for Jewish minds of all ages!This teasing, tempting, and trying book is chock-full of twisters and creative thinking challenges that will have you wracking your brain for hours if you don't give up before then. A great way to brush up on your Jewish knowledge, a sure-fire entertainer ..
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Finally! Another volume of the best-selling, immensely popular, Crack It! Series. Crack It! 2 will continue penetrating your brainpower with a new plethora of puzzles and riddles...
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Peek InsideFinally! A book that integrates the Torah’s wisdom and cutting-edge psychological research to provide a comprehensive approach to educating and supporting our sons and students regarding: health and safety, puberty, marital intimacy, and today’s challenges to kedushah.“Crea..
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Saying Kaddish for a loved one. It is one of the most well-observed Jewish traditions. However, its cryptic language often makes this sacred and hallowed prayer feel unrelatable. This powerful and inspiring book changes that. Rabbi Yechiel Spero uses classic Torah sources, insights, and — of course!..
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Zionism. The untouchable topic. "Lack of knowledge has led to very confused ideas about religion, even among the chareidim." "Even talmidei chachamim, rabbonim, and tzaddikim are not imbued with the [proper] understanding." "Sadly, even in our own circles, the mold for shaping public opinion lies in..
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We eat frequently, yet seldom consider why an omnipotent Gd would purposely form us with the need to eat in the first place. Gd not only provided an extensive, complex intestinal system, He also added intense feelings into the mix. Hunger, desire, pleasure, lust, and satisfaction all repeatedly cent..
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"Here you have a service more precious than all the others. It is the ketores incense that is more precious than all the korbanos, but a deadly poison has been placed within it."Our rabbanim have recommended that we recite the Pitum Haketores daily during the recent (Covid-19) pandemic.What is the s..
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Over decades of teaching Torah and in thousands of shiurim, Rabbi Hershel Schachter has covered and taught the breadth and depth of Torah. One major theme that reverberates throughout his teachings is the centrality and role of Torah Shebe'al Peh, the Oral Torah. For the very first time, Rabbi Schac..
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"And now ... questions on any subject."With these words, every Thursday night, Rav Miller would open the floor to questions about virtually any topic. What's more ... he answered them!This book contains a fascinating selection of those Q&As, culled from decades of Rav Miller's shiurim. They're s..
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When circumstances don’t make sense, faith is what keeps us anchored. We may not know Hashem’s plan, but we know that He has one for us. He’ll never let us down.Rav Elchonon Wasserman was a gadol b’Yisrael whose wisdom transcended his owntimes. Possessing both brilliance and daas Torah, he was able ..
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Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz says: "In this brief but comprehensive book by Daniel BIRO you will find all you need for your first interactions with the Orthodox Jewish community. Whether you have been invited for a family meal or to attend a synagogue service, it’s all here. And its clear and entertaining st..
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The religious person in the modern world especially the academic world lives under fire. In every area his views are assailed as outmoded and anachronistic. In the scientific arena, in particular, new discoveries and theories constantly call into question traditional notions. In response, a new lite..
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Travel on a Mystical Journey Alongside Torah Giant Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz!Discover the how and why of “Am Yisrael Chai,” created by Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz, which has become the ubiquitous phrase of defiance and determination for the Jewish People.Lose yourself in the stories that made Rabbi Ye..
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