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Pirkei Avos

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The Sages give us 48 ways to make Torah a part of us.  •With a voice like hers, she could have been world famous, but she chose a rebbe's blessing instead... Jews throughout the ages have found unique ways to incorporate those 48 ways into their lives.  ..
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Anthology of the classics: Rashi, Rambam, Bartenura, Maharal and hundreds of other commentaries Insights from the Chasidic Masters Biographies of the Tannaim Stories and Parables Historical backgrounds Original artworkTh..
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Pirkei Avos is a treasure trove of timeless teachings from our Sages — teachings of mussar, character development, and advice for refining and honing the soul. What better way to appreciate these teachings than through the lens and perspective of our chassidic leaders?In Ma'asei ..
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From when it was published decades ago and until today, Toldos Am Olam has been hailed as a unique work of history, possibly the only one of its kind: a history book based completely on Jewish sources.The author, Rabbi Shlome Rotenberg, was both a master educator and one of the towering figures..
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Tractate Avot is unique within the Mishna and the Talmud. It does not address halakha, but is primarily a book of ethics and wisdom, guiding us in our behavior and inner attitudes. Avot was written for those of us who seek to go above and beyond our standard obligations and follow a more elevated pa..
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