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Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski M.D. is back with another example of his precious knack of helping people see the inner good that is obscured by the debris of everyday life. Angels do their job and move on without leaving a mark, but human beings stumble and scrape their knees - and then wonder if they can..
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Rabbi Pliskin uses his vast Torah knowledge and understanding of human nature to present a down-to-earth approach to scale heights of character and spirit. Filled with insights, anecdotes, and examples, this is a precious addition to anyone's arsenal of human understanding and self-improvement...
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This book can change your life. And the life of your spouse, your children, your friends and your employees. Every success story begins with a positive attitude. This book will show you how you can maintain a winning state of mind — and how you can instill a sense of confidence in those around you. ..
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""The quality of your life is the quality of your on-going self-talk!"" Most people unconsciously engage in internal self-talk, and in this book, best-selling author Rabbi Zelig Pliskin guides the reader to achieve conscious awareness of meandering mental chatter and to transform it into a steady st..
Dearer Than Life
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With his unique approach, Rabbi Twerski explores some of the core questions that trouble serious people: What is my function in life? What is my purpose on earth? How can I elevate my soul without harming my body? How can I turn ""meaning"" into a practical reality, not a fluffy cliche? Rabbi Twersk..
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Thousands of people rushed to get copies of Rabbi Abraham Twerksi's thought-provoking answers to a host of common questions in the first volume of Dear Rabbi, Dear Doctor. These short responses, most of which were based on his successful column ""Seeking Solutions"", have been featured weekly in Ha..
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Do you wish you could live a more joyful life? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to take on new challenges in a positive, confident way while others are simply glad to get through their day? If so, you have the right book. In it, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin explains how all of your experiences ar..
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Though we are usually unaware of it, the lines of spiritual battle are drawn early in life and persist till our last day. In this intriguing book, the renowned Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. delineates how the tactics of the yetzer hara are carefully tailored to each individual and how tenaciously i..
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Depression and related conditions are often physical problems that can be remedied with understanding and treatment. Saying, ""Just snap out of it,"" or, ""Don't be so moody,"" does not help. With wisdom and compassion, Rabbi Twerski explains the symptoms and what they mean, and suggests courses of..
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The pursuit of happiness is universal, yet elusive. This book shows where to find happiness and how. It’s everywhere, even better; it’s within ourselves, if we only know how to mine it. In 107 very concise, easy-to-read chapters, this joyous little book takes us on a successful pursuit of happines..
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You're angry. And of course, you're right! But the other person is also angry - and of course convinced that he or she is right. What next? How do you resolve arguments, disagreements, strife? How do you keep inevitable unpleasantness from souring your relationships and your life? RABBI ZELIG PLI..
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A manual on how to make a difference in other people’s lives – what could be better? A manual that is complete with inspiring stories, illuminating insights and down to earth formulas. Irresistible! Like Rabbi Zelig Pliskin’s earlier successful books, Kindness reveals his keen understanding of huma..
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Where are we right now? Rabbi Zelig Pliskin's many bestselling books serve as a road map to life, a kind of GPS navigation system showing us the route to joy, directing us to happiness and fulfillment, pointing out the detours along the way. And now, Rabbi Pliskin reveals the secret of where we ar..
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Patience - the key to a magnificent life.Rabbi Zelig Pliskin - the key to harnassing human potential.With patience, one can learn, accomplish, develop character, and interact harmoniously with other people. The more we increase our patience, the more we benefit. In this gem of a book, Rabbi Pliskin'..
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Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. and Ursula Schwartz, Ph.D. are outstanding mental health practitioners. In this practical book they say, ""Let's concentrate on how to do things right, and how the Torah and Jewish tradition counsel us to raise our children."" This book belongs at the top of the Jewish..
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Stop here if you've ever wanted to improve daily life in your family! Using a straightforward, upbeat "Driver's Manual" format, Chaya Ginsburg counsels you on relationships in marriage, with your siblings, your parents and children. Her premise is that interpersonal situations should trigger "dri..
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With self-confidence, you succeed. Self-confidence allows you to create goals -- and reach them. It lets you learn from your failures -- and move on to triumphs. It helps you transform your potential into real achievement. If an opportunity appears, you grab it; if there is no opportunity, you find ..
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Rabbi Twerski talmid chacham, and expert on self-defeating behavior, examines what the Talmud and its interpreters say about how to achieve self-control and a positive outlook. Everyone will benefit from this book, filled with practical, useful advice. A Shaar Press Book...
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Rabbi Zelig Pliskin is a guide and mentor to thousands of people who have never seen him. His warmth, wisdom, and sensitivity have made him a cherished mentor and counselor in Jerusalem; his books have carried his message throughout the world. His newest book fills one of the critical needs of our t..
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Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. is the master of showing how mundane events and activities can be saturated with meaning and even holiness. In this era when all sorts of people are searching for spirituality, Rabbi Dr. Twerski shows us how every area of life marriage, job, social life, and dozens mor..
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Often the greatest challenges in our relationships with others center on control. Using the Torah wisdom of his heritage and the remarkable insight of his profession, Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. once again enlightens us on key issues that confront us every day. The need to control others is in..
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Thousands of years before the term ""proactive"" was coined by motivational experts, the Jewish Sages gave this indispensable tool for success a name. They called it zerizus. Zerizus is the quality within us that fuels achievement, the trait that takes what we are capable of and turns it into real a..
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Rabbi Twerski's first ""not as tough"" book created a sensation. Sales were great. Chuckles were loud. And best of all, many lives were improved. There were calls for more books that would show people how to make manageable molehills out of the daunting mountains of life. Now, compliments of Rabbi T..
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Congratulations! You have just found the book that will give you the tools to become a happier, more confident individual. Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. has dedicated his professional life to helping people improve their personal outlook. Through his years of research, writing and lecturing, he has..
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Someone steps on your toe and apologizes; you forgive him. But what if someone steps on your ego? On your bank account? On your life? Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski - beloved author, talmid chacham, and psychiatrist - shows us how vitally important it is to sincerely forgive those who have hurt us. In..
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Everyone wants to be happy, but is happiness enough? It's not. We go to simchas; we wish each other chag sameach; but do we really understand the profound meaning of living in a steady state of joy? How is simchah different from - and far superior to - the more fleeting and elusive emotion of happin..
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Parents teach young children that ""Please"" and ""Thank you"" are ""magic words,"" yet as we grow older we forget this lesson. Few of us realize that cultivating a genuine sense of gratitude will impact on our happiness, our marriage, even on our sense of self-worth. Being ungrateful for the many b..
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Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. is an original - as ArtScroll readers have been learning to their delight, year after year, book after book. Now, he does it again. Every day of life is a new gift, with its own challenge and oppurtunity. When someone looks at life that way - with freshness and enthusi..
Yes You Can!
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As a professional counselor, Aron Friedman has seen many people slide into despair because they have not met their own life’s expectations. The frustration is palpable; the agony of pondering how to achieve success leaves many bewildered and hopeless. Over the years, he developed an approach to ..
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In Effective Living, Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D., shares with us two of the most important truths he has learned in his many decades of cutting-edge work, both as a psychiatrist and as a rav. Change is hard. And change is possible. Drawing upon his years of experience with thousands of people who..
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A Powerful Synthesis of Modern Psychology and Ancient Spiritual WisdomWhat if you could just stop worrying about what others think of you? How much more could you accomplish in life?ONE simple shift could make it happen…Burned out. Struggling. Undervalued. Conflicted. Invalidated. Anxious. Angry. Em..
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