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Truth and love are the twin foundations upon which all Yiddishkeit rests. There is only one truth — the truth of the Creator as He reveals Himself to us. And there is only one love — the love for the Creator as He reveals Himself to us. Our love for our fellow Jew, our child or our spouse is really ..
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Common sense would seem to dictate that the world should be run simply and clearly: good people should be rewarded and bad people should be punished. However, that’s just not the way things are. Naturally, we wonder why. Why did that wonderful person go through such yisurim? Why do innocent chi..
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For nearly a decade, it was the court case at the forefront of every Jew's mind. It was what kept Klal Yisrael's insides churning, and our heartfelt tefillos going strong. It's the story of Sholom Rubashkin, and it has never been told so intimately and on such a personal level--until now. The s..
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