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Model: TFSTB-1
Popular author Zalman Ruderman utilizes his renowned talent to tell stories that will engage both child and adult alike. These pages contain stirring tales of great individuals and ordinary people who displayed unparalleled heroism, extraordinary kindness and tremendous love for Hashem - Reb Pinchas..
Model: 9781422619995
Four years, against immeasurable odds, he'd worked for this moment. Now he had to choose between his future- and his Torah life Could anyone save this crumbling marriage? The Rebbe had a way... Their grandfathers had hated each other. Now she needed their family's chesed. Could old grudg..
Model: 9780985525071
True stories of hidden Tzaddikim, famous leaders and simple Jews. A masterful adaptation of historical writings. Timeless tales to educate and fascinate today's young readers...
Model: 9780985525040
Three hundred years ago the Jewish community of Eastern Europe was slowly braking apart, threatening it's very foundation. Read about a secret society that set out to repair the rift. Timeless tales to educate and fascinate today's young readers. Once Upon a Journey are true stories of hidden ..
Model: 9789655541922
The Baal Shem Tov, The Chiddushei Harim, The Yismach Yisroel of Alexander, The Bnei Yisasschar, Rebbe Yitzchok of Vorki, Rav Pinchas of Koritz, Reb Aharon of Titayov...
Model: 9781881400554
Reb Shmuel personified the service of G-d with joy and was known for his humorous outlook and antics, but was also the personification of a true chassid...
Model: RMRS-1
For nearly a decade, it was the court case at the forefront of every Jew's mind. It was what kept Klal Yisrael's insides churning, and our heartfelt tefillos going strong. It's the story of Sholom Rubashkin, and it has never been told so intimately and on such a personal level--until now. The s..
Model: DRZ-1
Dear Rebbe explores in depth the correspondence between the Rebbe and sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, singer Jan Peerce, writer Chaim Grade and Holocaust survivor David Chase. These four people's lives are examined through their Jewish prism and how they reacted to the Rebbe's calling for living their li..
The Rebbe Will Find a Way - First-Hand Accounts of The Rebbe's Brachos & Guidance After Gimmel Tammuz
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Model: 9781737414001
The Rebbe Will Find a Way is a 350 page collection of over 75 personal stories of the Rebbe’s brachos and guidance after Gimmel Tammuz. Curated from the popular column in the Derher magazine, these stories serve to reinforce our conviction that the Rebbe finds a way to answer, no matter how large th..
Model: SEI-1
"How very proper it is for everyone to learn the meaning of the words for the entire Shemoneh Esrei!"Mishnah Berurah 101:2Three times a day, we stand in silent devotion and talk directly to Hashem. There is so much we want to tell Him. But do we really know what we are saying? Rabbi Avrohom Zelig Kr..
Model: TOSR-1
Over 1,000 stories in 3 volumes. A wonderful collection of stories on mitzvos for rabbeim and teachers to tell over to their students...
Model: TMSOP-5
This book is geared especially for young children and the topics are written in clear and comprehensible language. The pages are filled with colorful and exciting illustrations, taking into account the custom to refrain from drawing the characters of the Holy Torah. It is our fervent hope that this ..
Model: STTO-1
This book is a translation of the popular Hebrew book `Ma Shesiper Li HaRebbe`. It contains a collection spell-binding stories that the Rebbe himself related, which have been adapted for children, along with thought provoking lessons in serving Hashem. "All the stories which were told to us, contain..
Model: TPC-1
Thirty-five years ago, Avner Gold's The Promised Child burst onto the Jewish literary scene and became an instant classic, a beloved favorite of young readers and adults alike. It was translated into Hebrew, Spanish, French and Russian, and it established itself as a standard on the prefer..
Model: CSCB-1
And now, appearing at center stage, meet and greet... An angry doctor, a pair of fake tefillin, and a soul seeking forgiveness.... a young non-Jewish couple, a rabbi on an airplane, and a shidduch in the making.... an aspiring singer whose silence brought untold blessings.And dozens more men and wom..
Model: 9781422633076
An Israeli child is born in a Ukrainian bomb shelter -- and United Hatzalah brings her home under fire ...A United Hatzalah volunteer scales a 12-foot-wall – and is the first to respond to the tragedy of Meron ...Eli Beer, founder of United Hatzalah, slips and breaks his leg racing to an emergency -..
Model: 9781422632949
Real Lives. Real Challenges. Real Inspiration.• Even her youngest sister was married before her. So what did she gain as an “older single”?• He was haunted by the demons and dysfunction of his upbringing. How did he escape the sadness?• Everyone called their profoundly deaf daughter a “miracle child..
Did This Ever Happen To You?
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Model: 9781422632918
A book to make us think. Make us laugh. And make us better.Better parents, better people, better Jews.Rabbi Fishel Schachter knows what happens in our lives. The little annoyances and the big challenges. The happiness and the angst. He knows what happens to us – because it often happens to him as we..
Saturday Night Light
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Model: SNL-1
54 Stories from our fathers to tell on Saturday night..
Model: AMSFK-1
After enthralling readers of all ages with its first collection of captivating stories, Amazing Miracle Stories for Kids is back again, with more than 60 inspiring tales of tzadikim and stunning full-color illustrations that will have children (and their parents) mesmerized. Readers will thrill over..
Model: TRR-1
The Power of Perseverance: The Story of Rabbi Yehuda Simes Nobody asked me. Nobody! I had not been in a massive auditorium listening to an authoritative voice challenging the crowd: "We are looking for volunteers. Who here would like to be the wife of a quadriplegic?" I did not hop up and down, maki..
Model: FEOI-1
Click here to see sample pagesThe incredible story of the Jewish people’s slavery and redemption from Egypt is so much more than just our history. It is a step-by-step guide to understanding ourselves, breaking free of our inner barriers, and reaching our fullest potential.Weaving together classic&n..
Model: VGO-1
Shell Shock in the Killing FieldsFrom his vantage point in a U.S. military helicopter, pilot Gedalia Becker saw up-close the destruction and devastation of the Vietnam War.Tens of thousands of American soldiers were essentially sent to their deaths. And there, in the marshes, mountains, and shacks, ..
Model: MBEIT-1
Two towns diverge...see the stories emerge. A former shoplifter is desperate to fix his past. The mitzvah of kibbud av saves a man’s life. An erev Shabbos kabbalah prevents a major disaster.Popular author Zev Roth has done it again! In this captivating collection of extraordinary true stories, a ros..
Model: SOLO-1
Who Is Wise?In Boro Park of the 1960s, Golda Raizel Shainbaum busies herself with her work, her husband, and caring for children — of others, not her own. Her quiet life gets turned upside down with a shocking delivery on her doorstep. Golda Raizel must make a series of high-stake decisions that wil..
Model: LMNW-1
Let three thousand years of Jewish history melt away and go back in time. Here, you are in the wilderness, with nothing but a cloud and a pillar of fire to guide you. You witness the miracles, you hear the clamor of dissent. This masterful volume weaves together Talmudic and Midrashic sources to cre..
Model: WHATE-1
Contains sensitive material. Mature audienced recommended. Whatever It Takes is a collection of true stories of courage and hope, as told by Rabbi Shea Hecht, a communal leader for forty years in the Crown Heights community of Brooklyn, New York. Rabbi Shea grew up under the tutelage of his emi..
Model: ARREE-1
The History of Yud-Tes Kislev. Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder of Chabad- Lubavitch Chasidism, was arrested, persecuted, and imprisoned in the year 1798 for his selfless efforts to strengthen the Jewish people and to disseminate Chasidic teachings. Rabbi Schneur Zalman's arrest imperiled ..
Model: CONFET-1
Peek Inside!Join the excitement!Hang the streamers and get ready to throw confetti! This is no typical party. It’s a joyous celebration of ordinary kids who did the extraordinary. Like Yehuda, who discovered his inner strength in outer space. Or OMG and KGB, who formed a support group for girls with..
Model: ALLBO-1
For years, All For The Boss has remained a beloved classic for teenagers and adults. Now, young readers can enjoy this special edition of the biography of R' Yaakov Yosef Herman zt"l, Torah pioneer in America. Each chapter relates a story, and with large, clear type and detailed illustrati..
Model: SOEH-4
In Tanach, sacred Hebrew Scripture, Elijah the Prophet is a vivid dramatic figure who defies kings and false prophets for G-d, and at last goes up alive to heaven in a chariot of fire. In a long unbroken tradition that begins in the Talmud and continues in our time, Elijah returns to earth whenever,..
Model: TUNFJ-1
Peek Inside.In the early 1700s in the beautiful port city of Livorno, Italy, lived an adventurous twelve-year-old boy named Hillel.Hillel enjoyed a peaceful life with his family and friends in his secure Jewish community. He had everything a boy of that time could want, except for one thing.Whe..
Model: AMMST-1
With the success of the first two volumes of Amazing Miracle Stories for Kids 1 and 2, made these books’ huge demand clear. With thousands of copies sold in just 2 years, this Series is quickly becoming one of most popular in the Jewish youth market.It’s clear that readers of all ages, were enthrall..
Model: ALANT-1
More stories to fill a child's dreams...What better way to head off to sleepthan with inspiring stories about Gedolei Yisrael?In this second installment of the brand new"A Lesson a Night" series, you will see much more of the exciting stories that people are coming to love.Important lessons from our..
Model: 102-1
An inspiring anthology that strengthens emunah and bitachon"Nachman." Someone tears through the fog of my dream, trying to break its spell. "It's Shabbos morning," the voice says. The dream moves further away, and the voice becomes clearer, closer. "And Simchas Torah. There's davening..
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