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Model: 9789655541922
The Baal Shem Tov, The Chiddushei Harim, The Yismach Yisroel of Alexander, The Bnei Yisasschar, Rebbe Yitzchok of Vorki, Rav Pinchas of Koritz, Reb Aharon of Titayov...
Model: 9780985525040
Three hundred years ago the Jewish community of Eastern Europe was slowly braking apart, threatening it's very foundation. Read about a secret society that set out to repair the rift. Timeless tales to educate and fascinate today's young readers. Once Upon a Journey are true stories of hidden ..
Model: 9780985525071
True stories of hidden Tzaddikim, famous leaders and simple Jews. A masterful adaptation of historical writings. Timeless tales to educate and fascinate today's young readers...
Model: 9781881400554
Reb Shmuel personified the service of G-d with joy and was known for his humorous outlook and antics, but was also the personification of a true chassid...
Model: 9781422619995
Four years, against immeasurable odds, he'd worked for this moment. Now he had to choose between his future- and his Torah life Could anyone save this crumbling marriage? The Rebbe had a way... Their grandfathers had hated each other. Now she needed their family's chesed. Could old grudg..
Model: TFSTB-1
Popular author Zalman Ruderman utilizes his renowned talent to tell stories that will engage both child and adult alike. These pages contain stirring tales of great individuals and ordinary people who displayed unparalleled heroism, extraordinary kindness and tremendous love for Hashem - Reb Pinchas..
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