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Model: TOSR-1
Over 1,000 stories in 3 volumes. A wonderful collection of stories on mitzvos for rabbeim and teachers to tell over to their students...
Model: CSCB-1
And now, appearing at center stage, meet and greet... An angry doctor, a pair of fake tefillin, and a soul seeking forgiveness.... a young non-Jewish couple, a rabbi on an airplane, and a shidduch in the making.... an aspiring singer whose silence brought untold blessings.And dozens more men and wom..
Model: DRZ-1
Dear Rebbe explores in depth the correspondence between the Rebbe and sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, singer Jan Peerce, writer Chaim Grade and Holocaust survivor David Chase. These four people's lives are examined through their Jewish prism and how they reacted to the Rebbe's calling for living their li..
Model: 9789655541922
The Baal Shem Tov, The Chiddushei Harim, The Yismach Yisroel of Alexander, The Bnei Yisasschar, Rebbe Yitzchok of Vorki, Rav Pinchas of Koritz, Reb Aharon of Titayov...
Model: 9780985525040
Three hundred years ago the Jewish community of Eastern Europe was slowly braking apart, threatening it's very foundation. Read about a secret society that set out to repair the rift. Timeless tales to educate and fascinate today's young readers. Once Upon a Journey are true stories of hidden ..
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