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Model: CAM-1
לוח עד מאה ועשרים ה'תר"ס - ה'תתי"ג1900-2053..
Model: MJD-1
A Dictionary of the Targumim, Talmud Bavli, Talmud Yerushalmi and Midrashic LiteratureCommonly known as "the Jastrow Dictionary," this work is the definitive choice for studying the Talmud, Midrashim and Targumim. With over 30,000 entries, it is far more comprehensive than any other dictionary ..
Otzros Hariya- Harav Kook   /  אוצרות הראי"ה
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Model: BOAYK-5
אוצרות הראי"ה - הרב אברהם יצחק הכהן קוק..
Model: MSG-1
שלטי הגיבורים עניני המקדש וכליו..
Sifrei R' Yosef Engel
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Model: SRE-8
ספרי ר' יוסף ענגיל..
Eishes Chayil         /     אשת חיל
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Model: MAC-2
הרב יחיאל מיכל שטרן נשים בתורה, בנ"ך, בחז"ל ובספרי התולדות..
Model: 1578191068
Handy gift-boxed pocket-sized edition for travel, purse, desk drawer, or briefcase, the perfect way to take along this rewarding reading when space is at a premium. Big value in a small format! The ArtScroll Series presents the comments of the classic giants of ancient and contemporary times in a lo..
Model: 0899060102
The ArtScroll Series presents the comments of the classic giants of ancient and contemporary times in a logical, comprehensible manner, like a master teacher on an exciting voyage of intellectual discovery. Entire Hebrew text reset in clear modern type Flowing English translation ..
Model: 1578197988
Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski M.D. is back with another example of his precious knack of helping people see the inner good that is obscured by the debris of everyday life. Angels do their job and move on without leaving a mark, but human beings stumble and scrape their knees - and then wonder if they can..
Model: 1422614360
Dovi the Bear never thought his fishing rod could ... be like a ladder ... be like a rope ... and even mix a salad! Now Dovi learns that if someone really, really wants to help people - even a fishing rod can come to the rescue! Children and parents alike will love Dovi and his lovable friends, in ..
Model: 1578191750
Rabbi Pliskin uses his vast Torah knowledge and understanding of human nature to present a down-to-earth approach to scale heights of character and spirit. Filled with insights, anecdotes, and examples, this is a precious addition to anyone's arsenal of human understanding and self-improvement...
A Happier You
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Model: 0899065899
The teen years are the greenhouse of personal growth, and this perceptive book shows how to make them happy and productive. It's practical. It's real. It's wise. It's fun. So read, enjoy, and grow!..
Model: 1422602273
From the venerated Jerusalem Torah scholar and Kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov Hillel comes an extraordinary new book. Drawing from Torah, Midrash, Mussar, and Kabbalah sources, he guides us through our Jewish spiritual journey - through this world and into the next. Like Jacob's ladder, which was firmly pla..
Model: 0899069622
An exciting, fully illustrated book on the Hebrew alphabet, with names, letters, and numbers in Hebrew and English; a big, funny, story-picture about each letter, Hebrew words for you to figure out, and a verse for each letter. Ages 4-6. By Yaffa Ganz; illustrated by Michael Horen...
Model: 1422612023
Few contemporary books have had the impact that Aleinu L'Shabei'ach has had on the Torah world. Tens of thousands of copies have been read and re-read by a vast and varied group: Torah scholars and laymen, students and teachers, men and women. Based on the private writings, shiurim, and conversation..
Model: 0899065724
An award-winning author writes to her fellow wives, mothers, and homemakers...
Model: 0899063136
Did you know that ""110 silkworms shook their heads 300,000 times each to produce the silk for a Shabbos tie""? In the hands of Rabbi Avrohom Katz (Tuvia Cohen), science is not dry. It is interesting often amusing and he uses it as a window on the wisdom of the Creator. The author is a humorist, a s..
Model: 0899065503
Personal drama in the teshuvah revolution...
Model: 0899061796
The Ten Commandments translated, and with an exposition...
Model: 0899063748
Since Sinai, the lessons of Pirkei Avos Ethics of the Fathers have been the foundation of Jewish character and personality, of morality and ethics. They are the road map toward the goals of happiness, fulfillment, and personal growth, as defined by the Torah. Pirkei Avos brings together how the Sage..
Model: 1422607615
Fascinating expositions on a variety of themes - from textual emendations to the Biblical and Talmudic sources for popular Jewish aphorisms..
Buy Green Bananas
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Model: 1578194768
The chapters in this book will amuse, enlighten, provoke and inspire. Don’t be left out, this book is a treat! " "Many of us go through life and see a lot, but perceive very little. Rabbi Wein observes a bunch of green bananas or two armfuls of loaded shopping bags and discerns a blueprint for more ..
The Beit HaMikdash
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Model: 1422609553
The Beit HaMikdash. The Holy Temple. The center of Jewish longing and aspiration. In this visually stunning, meticulously researched work, the Temple Mount and the Beit HaMikdash — the place where Heaven touches Earth, where mortals can feel eternity — comes to vivid life. A breathtaking trip throu..
Model: 1422609855
War. Peace. Treason. Friendship. A novel like none you've ever read. War and treachery threaten the legendary kingdom of Khazar. And only the young prince, Istrak, untried, unsure of himself, can lead his people back to harmony. The Betrayal is a novel too big to be defined by a simple description...
Model: 1578191335
Where do you find the Torah's hidden messages? The Baal HaTurim found them in gematria (number patterns), acrostics, formations of letters, Scriptural word patterns, and a novel approach to understanding a verse.Seven hundred years ago, in an era of greatness, he was a Torah giant. His Arba'ah Turim..
Model: 1422607631
Novellae on halachic and hermeneutic aspects of the festivals...
Model: 142260764X
Novellae on halachic and hermeneutic aspects of the festivals...
Model: 1422614859
Novellae on halachic and hermeneutic aspects of the festivals...
Model: 0899068634
Rabbi Moshe Sherer, one of the leading spokesmen for Orthodox Jewry, collects his writings, comments, and observations spanning more than a generation...
Model: 1422607623
Novellae on halachic and hermeneutic aspects of the festivals...
Model: 1578191963
An investigative journalist with a knack for dangerous entanglements and a strange propensity to black out; a top-secret plot to discredit Israel's chareidi community; a mysterious and charismatic rabbi; an antique book; a dedicated rosh yeshivah these are the ingredients of a fascinating and exciti..
Model: 1422611892
Sefer HaChinuch is one of the great classics of the 13th Century. Although the anonymous author states that he wrote it for his son and the youth of his time to learn on Sabbath afternoons, it was embraced by the entire nation as a masterpiece.The author lists all 613 Commandments following the..
Model: 1422600009
How can today's parents raise a mentch? Answering this critical question is the goal of Balanced Parenting, a wonderful, reader-friendly guide to raising children in our challenging world. Written by a distinguished father-son team, the book reflects the vast experience and Torah approach of Rabbi R..