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Children ages 3-6

Model: MIB-1
Hey, kids!Do rainy days find you bored, with nothing at all to do? Then you’ll discover this book to be just right for you! It’s never a good thing, as everyone’s favorite Uncle Izzy explains, To sit and do nothing and just kvetch and complain. There are so many activities you can do ea..
Model: TSO-1
Interactive. Adorable. And just plain fun. The book your children and grandchildren will love - especially for Pesach!Pesach is such a wonderful time for children. And what is more exciting for little ones than when they search for ten pieces of bread during bedikas chametz? In this unusual an..
Model: SGW
It’s exciting and interactive for children to guess the rhyming Shavuos riddles, then open the flap to reveal the answers.  Cleverly designed so the very young will learn as they go… all about the giving of the Torah, the special holiday mitzvos and foods, the customs and observances of Shavuos..
Model: BLD
Clunk.Thunk. Brumm. Vrumm. Clang.Clong.    The big empty lot near Nosson’s house is full of excavators, trucks, front loaders and bulldozers.  How Nosson loves all the action!Every day, he watches the workers and tries to copy what they do.When they fill the dump t..
Model: TVBG-1
Jewish tradition relates that before giving the Torah to the Jewish people, the Creator first offered it to the nations of the world, who chose, for one reason or another, to not accept the offer. Only thereafter did the nation of Israel accept this divine gift. It is this momentous event in the his..
Model: BITB-1
The Story of Moshe Rabbeinu Children will enjoy seeing these vibrant photographs and fun illustrations while learning about the story of Moshe's miraculous survival. BY: C & Z Blaivas..
Model: ILMT-1
My tzitzis come with me wherever I go.We have fun together—doesn’t it show?When I sit in the car, they are at my side;My tzitzis sit near me throughout every ride… Does your child LOVE to wear his tzitzis? Whether or not he does, he will certainly love to hear abou..
Model: HWNW-1
Yosef Learns to Finish the Job Little Yo is a great kid, except for one thing: he never finishes what he starts. Then one day, Abba asks him to help build and decorate their family's sukkah. Yo is excited about the project and eagerly gets started on it. After a while, though, he gets bored and..
Model: WTRW-1
Chesky learns Who is the only One controlling all the weather. Chesky loves the spring, and the summer, and the fall, but he loves the winter most of all. He loves playing in the snow, and he can't wait for the first snow day of the year!  But, what happens when the weatherm..
Model: TSOR-1
The events of Megillas Rus, as explained by Chazal, for young children. Introduce your children to Rus, the forebear of Mashiach, in a most delightful way!In The Story of Megillas Rus, the saga of Elimelech, Naomi, and their family comes alive for junior readers by way of enchanting..
Model: EOHH-1
The Illustrated Tanach Series for Children  Eliyahu on Har Hakarmel tells the story of how, in the times of the first Beis Hamikdash, a terrible drought spread throughout the land because of the avodah zarah of King Achav. The crops did not grow, and the Jewish n..
Model: MMV2-1
Being a Nice Friend - Book & Read-Along CD  The Middosman series is an exciting and fun way to introduce young children to the concepts of middos and Torah values. Using warm, relatable characters; easy-to-understand stories that will capture your child's interest..
Model: LUTR-1
Social Skills for My Hands, Feet, and Mouth Is your child using his hands to hit, pinch, or pull hair, or using his feet to kick and stomp? Is he using his mouth to scream and yell, instead of speaking properly? Many children simply don't have the instinctive knowledge of how to use their hands..
Model: YTYB-1
A Trip Around the Year in a One-of-a-Kind Bakery If you were a baker With an apron and hat, A mixing bowl and blender, And much more than that, - then what would you bake for each Yom Tov?  Children often associate the Jewish holidays ..
Model: WTBW-1
Book & Read-Along CD Hamotzi...Hagafen...Mezonos...Ha'eitz...Ha'adamah...Shehakol... How well do YOU know your brachos? In this charming and fun book that comes with its own read-along, musical CD, children will learn the different brachos to say on the various foods they eat. In addit..
Model: MDFB-1
A fun and endearing book for kids, Mitzvah Dolls incorporates actual photos of adorable, dressed-up dolls, together with rhythmic rhymes, to create an effect children will love! Come and meet the Mitzvah Dolls - the cutest characters you've ever seen! Follow them around their day, as they do one m..
Model: HCSG-1
Bestselling author Bracha Goetz teaches kids the most amazing things about the yummiest "candy" available--our delicious fruits and vegetables. What do you think you would see If you opened the door? What would you find on the shelves In Hashem's Candy Store? In this adorable book by bes..
When I Check On You At Night (Houser)
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Model: WCYN-1
"Mommy, please tell me, Before you turn off the light: What do you do When you check on me at night?" In this whimsical yet touching bedtime story, the special love that parents have for their children is explored and reinforced, with lots of surprise giggles along the way! Enjoy a warm "goodni..
Model: ABFS-1
The Step-by-Step Reading Series Have you ever waited a long time for something good to happen? Then you'll surely be able to relate to Simi as she waits and waits for her bud to blossom. Her impatience turns into real worry; will a flower ever grow? Join along with Simi as she learns that good ..
Model: LSFC-1
How did a pot of cholent help discover a lost Jewish child? Why did Rav Shach prepare for Shabbos by rocking a baby's carriage? How did Baron Rothschild save millions by keeping Shabbos? Why did the little Arab boy love the song Lecha Dodi?Shabbos. What a fantastic gift from..
Model: DHMS-1
The Children's Tanach Series Beautifully illustrated by Aharon Z. Bernstein and written by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer in his trademark engaging style, this book will help make an important chapter of Jewish history come alive for your children and will leave them wanting more, as they grasp the incr..
Model: JIBG-1
An original, fascinating rendition of the miraculous story of Chanukah Dear Children, You are all familiar with the story of Chanukah. But did you ever think about how it really looked, and how it felt to be there? Can you close your eyes and imagine yourself as one of those children ..
Model: MFSA-1
THIS FANTASTIC ITEM fills a need in Jewish children's literature: a photo-illustrated prayer book for pre-schoolers with a professionally produced music CD offering 41 tracks of sing-along songs that will keep children occupied for hours, while teaching them the morning prayers and various dail..
Model: 9780873063548
Savta Simcha is back at Three Rimon Road in Jerusalem where she discovers that Uncle Nechemya has taken in a raggedy little boy named Ezra. Join them on an off-the-trail tour through the Holy City. Pepper Cookies, strange horses, flying letters, an amazing bonfire and a hammer for Mashiach are just ..
Model: 9780873061872
When a highly unusual old lady from Jerusalem turns up in Wintergreen City, USA, carrying a large black, lumpy, bag, strange things begin to happen. Canaries, Mr. Kronkeit, nutmeg tress, leaking roofs, and fluff-plops fill the pages of Savta Simcha with delight, laughter, and solid Jewish values. Th..
Model: 9781583304525
In this latest volume in the Savta Simcha Collection , Savta Simcha and Uncle Nechemya leave the little red-roofed house on Three Rimon Road in Jerusalem, and set off on a round-the-world trip to visit far-flung friends. With a bag full of special gifts, they go from Alaska to Australia, f..
Model: 9781598268317
The very basics of what prayer is all about can be shared, even with the very young, and the best proof of this lies in the charming book When I Daven. By introducing elementary concepts such as acknowledging the gift of life, being in touch with your senses, observing the world around you, tha..
Model: 9780873066020
Mimmy and Simmy are not only best friends; they were also born on the same day. Each one wants to give a special gift to the other but they each come up with the same idea! See how two friends with one birthday end up with a very unusual celebration. From pre-K to fourth grade. Third book in a serie..
Model: 9161598261318
Share the growing excitement as a young boy discovers new colors all around him, and learns about Hakoras Hatov at the same time. Playful artwork, vibrant colors, and rhymes that resonate with appreciation for Hashem's world all contribute to make this book a sure favorite!..
Model: AFYM-1
This book is designed to help readers feel the love that comes with each gift of creation. It is a touching story of loving parents preparing for the arrival of their child.Meant as a parable, it teaches the seven days of creation in an endearing way, so that even young children can relate. The..
Model: 9781598268713
Join Boruch and Bracha as they head out on a journey together .... through the Birchos HaShachar as they discover what each bracha means and how it applies to their lives. This timeless classic for children contains catchy rhymes and charming illustrations that will give meaning to children's tefill..
Model: 9781929628797
Inspirational yet full of humor, Wherever We Go! is a new Benny and Tzvi adventure all about making a Kiddush Hashem in public. This time, the colorful characters visit numerous places that are familiar to toddlers. Wherever they go the park, the museum, the farm or the zoo, Tzvi trai..
Model: 9781929628087
The highlight of the week is the family trip to shul on Shabbos morning.  Simple rhymes detail all the important objects and events young children encounter at the synagogue. Soon after toddlers begin to walk, their parents look forward to taking them to the shul. The simple rhym..
Model: 9781422619698
Did you know that smiles can fly?It's a rainy day and Bentzy is sad.The rain is falling harder, for sure there's no ball. There's no reason to smile, no reason at all. And then Bentzy's mother gives him a great, big smile. And suddenly everything seems fine.Cause smil..
Chazal Comics
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Model: CCMB-1
Stories of Chazal, culled from Gemora and Medrosh, with lessons in Avodas Hashem, as taught by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.An ocean blocking Reb Pinchas Ben Yair. Thieves steal a box of diamonds worth a fortune. Rabi Chanina Ben Dosa and the massive stone...
Model: 9781614654513
The B.Y. Timesers are off to camp!Camp means swimming, art, and punchball.Camp means hikes, plays, and campfires.Camp means...problems. Problems for Batya. At home, Batya’s always felt needed. Here in camp, someone needs her, too—bad-tempered, sulky Tova Gutman. But how..
Model: 9781929628254
A toy ship, a pack of Aleph-Bais cards and a load of imagination combine to create an adventure on the high seas...
Model: 9781929628407
A warm and cozy book highlighting the joy of a Jewish Wedding.  Join a young brother and sister as they celebrate with the chosson and kallah.What could be more exciting for a child than to go to a wedding?  Whether their teacher, a sibling, a cousin or a family friend is getting marr..
Model: 9781422627938
Uncle Moishy is Coming! Get ready for the most amazing Shabbos ever! When the world-famous Uncle Moishy comes to spend Shabbos with Miri and Mendy, you know there’s going to be fun. And laughter. And dancing and singing and smiling. And, of course, so many lessons to learn and so..
Model: 9780988961111
What’s in a letter? If it’s the ABC, not much. But if it’s the Alef-Bais (the Hebrew Alphabet), well, that’s a whole different matter. Each letter has myriads of meanings, many of which are appealingly presented by Rabbi Mordechai Zev Nemtzov in his lively book, The ARTiculated Alef-Bais. They have ..
Model: MVOM-1
You know, that helpful thing on your face that you use for talking and eating? Hashem made mouths so we could do mitzvos with them, and there sure are lots of mitzvos we can do... Just look inside and see!..
Model: MAB-1
A delightful first alef beis book full of Torah and everyday images -- perfect for your little ones!The extra-thick pages of this sturdy board book will stand up to extended use...
Model: MTC-1
A delightful first colors book full of Torah and everyday images -- perfect for your little ones!The extra-thick pages of this sturdy board book will stand up to extended use...
Model: MALM-1
The book every mother will want to share with her children.Heartfelt words in gentle, reassuring messages combine with charming illustrations to help children better understand the constant love of a parent and the eternal love that Hashem has for each of His children.A book that is sure t..
Model: HIDD-1
How can we encourage devotion to Torah and mitzvos in the children of today? As boys and girls begin to read on their own, they need early grade readers with large clear letters, helpful illustrations, and great messages of mesiras nefesh and courage.Hidden details an incident in the life of the gre..
Model: YOSSN-1
Click here to see sample pagesMommy told us she knows we can do it, We can decide — if we put our hearts to it!It’s raining outside. Can the Stein family make it a fun day?They certainly can — with the help of Pirkei Avos!Hillel’s famous words come alive in this delightful story, teaching the middos..
Model: AGEUL-1
Join Avi on a wondrous journey to discover the secret to bring the Geula…..
Model: ICAN-1
Peak Inside!Big Ideas for Little PeopleStories that give children Torah-based tools to manage challenging emotionsA long-awaited birthday party ends up being canceled because someone got sick. How disappointing!Your friend has a shiny new bike, while yours is well-worn. It's so hard not to..
The Funny Things They Say! 5
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Model: FUNNF-1
Look Inside!True Scenes & Sayings to Make You Smile... Sent in by Kids Just Like You!Kids and toddlers are forever saying and doing the cutest things... Here, captured and reproduced in colorful, pleasing cartoon-style graphics, are hundreds of quips that were sent in by children, about their si..
Model: FUNFO-1
True Scenes & Sayings to Make You Smile... Sent in by Kids Just Like You!Kids and toddlers are forever saying and doing the cutest things... Here, captured and reproduced in colorful, pleasing cartoon-style graphics, are hundreds of quips that were sent in by children, about their siblings, frie..
Model: TFTHI-1
True Scenes & Sayings to Make You Smile... Sent in by Kids Just Like You!Kids and toddlers are forever saying and doing the cutest things... Here, captured and reproduced in colorful, pleasing cartoon-style graphics, are hundreds of quips that were sent in by children, about their siblings, frie..
Model: FTWO-1
True Scenes & Sayings to Make You Smile... Sent in by Kids Just Like You!Kids and toddlers are forever saying and doing the cutest things...  Here, captured and reproduced in colorful, pleasing cartoon-style graphics, are hundreds of quips that were sent in by children, about their siblings..
Model: FONE-1
True Scenes & Sayings to Make You Smile... Sent in by Kids Just Like You!Kids and toddlers are forever saying and doing the cutest things... Here, captured and reproduced in colorful, pleasing cartoon-style graphics, are hundreds of quips that were sent in by children, about their siblings, frie..
Model: SIXO-1
A children's classic and all-time favorite!When Chaim moves into a new home at 613 Torah Avenue, he has no idea what to expect. Boy, is he in for a surprise! Wherever he turns, he meets unusual new friends, and each one teaches him about a parsha in Chumash. Join Chaim for his un..
Model: SIXT-1
A children's classic and all-time favorite!Chaim from 613 Torah Avenue visits an amusement park where the rides spring to life and he meets a cast of amazing characters. Together, they sing and learn about all the wonderful stories and lessons in Sefer Shemos. Join Chaim for another unforgettab..
Model: SIXTH-1
A children's classic and all-time favorite!With Chaim from 613 Torah Avenue and his new friend Chezky, a day at school is anything but ordinary. Meet a new cast of amazing characters as they sing and learn about all the wonderful stories and lessons in Sefer Vayikra.Are you ready for another excitin..
Model: SIXBA-1
A children's classic and all-time favorite!Chaim from 613 Torah Avenue is off to camp! Meet a new cast of amazing characters as they sing and learn about all the wonderful stories and lessons in Sefer Bamidbar.Are you ready for another exciting adventure?Comes with a read-along/music CD featuri..
Model: SHABB-1
Shabbos Guess Who?A Lift-the-Flaps Book It’s exciting and interactive for children to guess the rhyming Shabbos riddles, then open the flap to reveal the answers.Boys and girls are sure to love the bright, colorful illustrations that depict a loving family preparing for Shabbos and enjoying the..
Model: TMAGG-1
A double-yolk in an egg … teaches an unforgettable lesson in emunah.A stolen bike … creates an unbelievable kiddush Hashem.A broken arm … brings an entire family back to their Jewish roots.The Maggid Shows the WayIn her many popular books for children, Mrs. Chaviva Krohn Pfeiffer shares th..
Model: BABOW-1
When a new baby is on the way, the youngest in the family needs to be prepared. Yet, if that child is a toddler, how can parents find the words? Using simple text and basic concepts, A Baby of Our Own shows what's involved in welcoming and caring for a newborn... and how exiting a time it is for the..
Model: OUAT-1
In this high-tech, digital age, you still need to learn to tell time the old fashioned way! Today, children learn to tell time digitally and often don t really become comfortable reading the hour hand and the minute hand of a traditional clock.Conceived and written by an educational specialist who h..
Model: IGTEY-1
Join a young brother and sister as they take their very first airplane trip, all the way to Eretz Yisroel!Reading this book is a great way to prepare toddlers for what to expect when traveling by air... from the busy, crowded airport, to waiting in long lines, to checking in their suitcases. Once on..
Model: SARF-1
Sara Finds a Mitzva is a beautifully illustrated storybook that highlights the importance of returning lost items to their owners.When Sara finds a little toy duck abandoned on top of a mailbox, she and her grandmother embark on a search for the owner that takes them from place to place.Will Sara fi..
Model: SHIMM-1
Shimmy is the youngest in his family, and it seems as if he always has to wait for everything! He's the last one to get a sip from the Kiddush cup on Friday night. He's the last one to get his matzah at the Seder table. Join Shimmy as he explores his feelings with his mother and discovers that waiti..
Model: TTSNY-1
In this bright and fun-filled picture book, a lively family enjoys all the wonderful Rosh Hashanah mitzvos, foods, and activities that celebrate the start of a brand new year. From picking apples and harvesting honey, to hearing the shofar and taking a Tashlich trip, everyone participates! The playf..
Model: OOPS-1
Has your child ever balked when it came time to apologize to you, to a sibling, or to a friend? Or, has your child tossed off many thoughtless;I'm sorry's, that don't seem to mean anything? Then this colorful, rhyming book is for you! When Gavi makes a mistake one day, he only says, Oops! With his o..
Model: LMCOH-1
Join a young brother and sister as they meet police officers, firefighters and other community helpers. 'Hakoras Hatov means seeing the good, These workers do in our neighborhood!'..
Model: LGTTP-1
Join a young sister and brother as they go on an outing to every toddler's favorite place... the park!Fun and safety go hand in hand as they climb, run, swoosh down the slide, and swing up to the sky. Rhyming text and joyful illustrations highlight many important lessons, like staying close to Mommy..
Model: LTOTH-1
With the Gaavatanic sunk at the bottom of the sea, the shipwrecked passengers must learn to work together to survive on a desert island. Under Rebbe Lev Tov's wise guidance, the lessons of good interpersonal relationships are taught and the "incredible voyage" continues with this exciting sequel. Fo..
Model: WDPID-1
Once there was a little boy named Pinny. When he was born, he had only a little bit of hair. But once his hair grew longer, it was always in his eyes! Will a clip or a ponytail holder be the answer?..
Model: IGOTOSC-1
This picture book is especially designed for parents and toddlers to read together in preparation for an important milestone. Soft, watercolor illustrations and simple rhyming text perfectly convey the message that school is a warm, and cozy place to learn Torah, do mitzvos, and have fun!..
Model: IGODOC-1
A warm and cozy book to familiarize young children with a visit to the doctor. Every child will be glad to know that Hashem is the One who really makes people get well...
Model: IKISS-1
Even the very youngest children know that a mezuzah is something special. But they may not know that a mezuzah needs attention and care. In I Kiss My Mezuzah, a young brother and sister help their father take down the mezuzahs and bring them to a sofer to be checked. Do all the letters look clear an..
Model: IGODENT-1
Join a young brother and sister as they visit the dentist and learn about the important mitzva of keeping our bodies healthy!..
Model: GOFARM-1
A good book can transport readers to a distant place, allowing them to encounter a brand new experience. That's what makes Let's Go to the Farm such a wonderful journey for children and parents to share! On their visit to a small farm, our young brother and sister see so many of Hashem's creatures a..
Bedtime is one of the most important parts of every child's day, and every parent wants it to be a warm and pleasant experience. In I Go to Sleep, a young brother and sister enjoy the comfort of their evening routine: putting things away, brushing teeth, preparing negel vasser, hugs, kisses, and say..
Model: GLADME-1
Young children learn by grouping items into categories... it's a vital skill that helps them make sense of the world around them. As you read this charming, action-filled story, your child can bounce like a ball, sway like a tree, and flap like a bird. But people don't fit into any of those groups. ..
Model: PLALOV-1
For young children, the excitement of doing mitzvos lurks around the nearest corner and goes along from room to room! The Place that I Love details which mitzvos are connected to each part of a Jewish home... kashrus in the kitchen, Torah learning in the study, having guests in the bedroom, and the ..
Model: PERPOR-1
When Bubbe Hinda and Zayde Mendel are forced to become refugees in the Soviet Union, they take holy books and generosity with them to their new home...
Model: YOLEIB-1
One Friday afternoon, Yossi and Laibel are confronted with a seemingly impossible task. With the right attitude and a little ingenuity, the two brothers find out that they can try hard and succeed. Lively illustrations and bouncy rhymes make this book a joy to look at and fun to read!..
Model: OHWISH-1
Children are so enthusiastic about the activities they love to do! One loves to sing, another to draw, or dance, or bake. In Oh, How I Wish, children share many ways they can use their favorite activities for a higher purpose… singing to cheer up lonely people, dancing to make a kallah happy, or bak..