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Children ages 3-6

Model: MIB-1
Hey, kids!Do rainy days find you bored, with nothing at all to do? Then you’ll discover this book to be just right for you! It’s never a good thing, as everyone’s favorite Uncle Izzy explains, To sit and do nothing and just kvetch and complain. There are so many activities you can do ea..
Model: ABFS-1
The Step-by-Step Reading Series Have you ever waited a long time for something good to happen? Then you'll surely be able to relate to Simi as she waits and waits for her bud to blossom. Her impatience turns into real worry; will a flower ever grow? Join along with Simi as she learns that good ..
Model: 9161598261318
Share the growing excitement as a young boy discovers new colors all around him, and learns about Hakoras Hatov at the same time. Playful artwork, vibrant colors, and rhymes that resonate with appreciation for Hashem's world all contribute to make this book a sure favorite!..
Model: 9781422619698
Did you know that smiles can fly?It's a rainy day and Bentzy is sad.The rain is falling harder, for sure there's no ball. There's no reason to smile, no reason at all. And then Bentzy's mother gives him a great, big smile. And suddenly everything seems fine.Cause smil..
Model: AFYM-1
This book is designed to help readers feel the love that comes with each gift of creation. It is a touching story of loving parents preparing for the arrival of their child.Meant as a parable, it teaches the seven days of creation in an endearing way, so that even young children can relate. The..
Model: 9780873066020
Mimmy and Simmy are not only best friends; they were also born on the same day. Each one wants to give a special gift to the other but they each come up with the same idea! See how two friends with one birthday end up with a very unusual celebration. From pre-K to fourth grade. Third book in a serie..
Model: BLD
Clunk.Thunk. Brumm. Vrumm. Clang.Clong.    The big empty lot near Nosson’s house is full of excavators, trucks, front loaders and bulldozers.  How Nosson loves all the action!Every day, he watches the workers and tries to copy what they do.When they fill the dump t..
Model: CCMB-1
Stories of Chazal, culled from Gemora and Medrosh, with lessons in Avodas Hashem, as taught by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.An ocean blocking Reb Pinchas Ben Yair. Thieves steal a box of diamonds worth a fortune. Rabi Chanina Ben Dosa and the massive stone...
Model: DHMS-1
The Children's Tanach Series Beautifully illustrated by Aharon Z. Bernstein and written by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer in his trademark engaging style, this book will help make an important chapter of Jewish history come alive for your children and will leave them wanting more, as they grasp the incr..
Model: EOHH-1
The Illustrated Tanach Series for Children  Eliyahu on Har Hakarmel tells the story of how, in the times of the first Beis Hamikdash, a terrible drought spread throughout the land because of the avodah zarah of King Achav. The crops did not grow, and the Jewish n..
Model: 9781598268713
Join Boruch and Bracha as they head out on a journey together .... through the Birchos HaShachar as they discover what each bracha means and how it applies to their lives. This timeless classic for children contains catchy rhymes and charming illustrations that will give meaning to children's tefill..
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