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Leah Lamdan's life is filled with mystery! Though her family is typical - just like the many other families in her neighborhood - there is nothing typical about their mysterious experiences. Curiously, many of their strange experiences occur on and around major Jewish holidays. And even more curious..
Model: 1578197139
A gripping novel masterfully written, A Promise Fulfilled takes us back in time to meet unforgettable characters caught up in the struggles of “ordinary” Jews confronted by extraordinary times. Menachem Kagan deftly weaves suspenseful stories, complex characters and the tides of history spanning ..
Model: 1422609065
5 developmentally delayed men looking for a little Torah. 2 angry teenagers looking for understanding. 1 aging rabbi looking for a congregation. 1 successful businessman looking for the perfect son. And an unsuccessful yeshiva rebbe who is destined to help them all. When Mendel Wasser takes on the ..
Best Of Olomeinu - 6  /  Succos
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Model: 0899067611
Selected stories from Olomeinu, the children's magazine...
Best Of Olomeinu - Series 2: Stories For All Year 'Round
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Model: 1578193982
The stories published monthly in the pages of Olomeinu/Our World magazine have been favorites of young readers for three generations. Parents and educators trust its publisher, Torah Umesorah, The National Society for Hebrew Day Schools, to provide wholesome, meaningful stories for their childre..
Model: 1578191963
An investigative journalist with a knack for dangerous entanglements and a strange propensity to black out; a top-secret plot to discredit Israel's chareidi community; a mysterious and charismatic rabbi; an antique book; a dedicated rosh yeshivah these are the ingredients of a fascinating and exciti..
Model: 1422600734
Gabi Ben-Dor, a seasoned private eye, is in hot pursuit of a rogue doctor whose negligence has cost lives. But his investigation is sidetracked by an unfulfilled promise to probe the family secret that left his grandmother an agunah when her young husband was forcibly drafted into the Turkish army, ..
Brookville C.C. - 3: Double Trouble
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Model: 0899061389
Chassi, Leah, Devori, Elisheva, and Yocheved were bursting with energy and filled with fun. Join them in a host of exciting, hilarious, fun-filled adventures...
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A phone call brings Renee Greenberg back to a chapter of her life that had brought pain and fear, but ended in love and laughter...
Model: 0899061281
An ancient wall, a dying Jew, a new immigrant and the Holy City combine in this warm and gripping novel of self-discovery...
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