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Parenting and Education

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Imagine having an articulate teacher, a master rebbe, a successful principal - a ""teacher's teacher"" -- there for you, to answer your questions and help you enhance your child's education. Imagine having a warm and experienced educator available to guide you in helping your children make the most..
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How can today's parents raise a mentch? Answering this critical question is the goal of Balanced Parenting, a wonderful, reader-friendly guide to raising children in our challenging world. Written by a distinguished father-son team, the book reflects the vast experience and Torah approach of Rabbi R..
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This book takes the mystery out of the halachic responsibilities involved in raising children. It is clear, easy-to-use, and documented. All pertinent halachic details regarding children and Kashrus, Tznius, Yomim Tovim, Berachos, Shabbos, and more are included in this masterpiece...
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Rabbi Yaakov Bender, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway, is also internationally recognized as a ""gadol b'chinuch."" He built his yeshivah into one of the premier chinuch institutions in the United States. He is a wise and empathetic educator, who understands well the thoughts an..
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Happiness is Homemade is a timely resource that helps families navigate contemporary life. The book is the product of more than thirty years of research and counseling Jewish families and individuals who come from a broad range of observance levels. Recognizing the influences and dynamics that are u..
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As the founder and principal of a prominent yeshiva, Darchei Noam of Monsey, and the Director of Agudath Israel's Project Y.E.S., Rabbi Yakov Horowitz is a greatly-respected veteran counselor and commentator. In Living and Parenting he writes with uncompromising directness and clarity about the cha..
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Rabbi Gans, a pre-eminent educator, draws on years of chinuch experience to advise us in our quest to motivate our children and students. Make Me, Don't Break Me is full of real-life situations that we encounter every day, at home and in the classroom. How does the Torah counsel us to raise our chil..
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Miriam Levi has guided thousands of families to richer, happier lives, based on sound and sensible advice that is consistent with Torah principles. This new, expanded edition of her very popular modern classic includes new chapters on ""The Difficult Child,"" ""Education for Torah Living,"" and ""Th..
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So many books about parenting. Finally - a book about our parents. Everyone knows the importance of kibud av va'eim. Honoring parents is one of the Ten Commandments, something that every Jewish child learns in school. And then we grow up. Of course, we still want to be good sons and daughters. And y..
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Our 3-year-old brings home toys that don't belong to him. What do we do? She's 9 years old, and she has become terrified of taking the school bus. How should we handle this? When it comes to shidduchim, our 23-year-old son just can't make up his mind! My wife and I don't agree: Am I too lenient, or ..
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