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Jewish Thought

Model: DEHR-1
Written by the famous Talmudist and Halachist R' Nissim ben Ruvein (Ran) in the fourteenth century, Derashos HaRan is a collection of homilies (Derashos) that are a classic exposition of the fundamentals of the Jewish religion. This work is newly translated, with explanatory footnotes and cross-refe..
Model: IB-1
iBelieve follows a captivating conversation between a brother and sister, Max and Amy, which takes place after Max becomes religiously observant. They discuss everything from: Is there a G-d? Where is G-d? Free choice, Jewish meditation, Everything is for the best, the Rebbe and much more...
Model: IRLA-1
According to tradition, after his exile from Spain for his defense of Judaism, the great Ramban (Nachmanides) sent this letter to his son. The letter which many recite weekly gives a blueprint for an ethical life as timely today as it was then. This book presents it as the basis for a beautiful coll..
In Search of Torah Wisdom
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Model: ISTW
Many frum people observe mitzvos and yet seem to be lacking a sense of inner spiritual connection. Others seek understanding and depth of meaning, but have no Rebbe, no trusted mentor, to whom they can ask their questions. Still others have become tired, jaded, apathetic or cynical – and suspect tha..
Model: JR-1
Discussions in this unique work include: How is our understanding of Torah guided by philosophy? Can Jewish tradition combat Bible criticism? Why does God permit evil? Did Rabbi Akiva reject the Torah’s death penalty? Rabbinic law vs. the spirit of halachah Ramb..
Model: POTW-1
In people of the word, we gain insight into fifty key Hebrew words that have been mistranslated and misunderstood for centuries. Each chapter takes the reader on an etymological journey into the big ideas that continue to shape Jewish thought, values, and culture to this day. A growing body of resea..
Model: SWHA-1
After having one child or more, most couples are able to consider having another. Life-changing decisions like these should be educated and well-informed ones. It is no secret that Jewish tradition encourages a Jew to continue having children should the opportunity arise. In today’s society, this po..
Model: UENL-1
The United States Congress President in 1991 endorsed a set of seven universal ethical principles, known as the Noahide Laws, as the "bedrock of society since the dawn of civilization" and as values "upon which our great nation was founded." Associated with the name of Noah, with whom this moral cod..
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