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Sarah Shapiro is a welcome new addition to Shaar Press’ list of authors. There are many words to describe her writing: literature of the highest order, refreshing, intriguing, insightful, moving, funny, touching. We could go on — but the only way to truly appreciate her is to read her. A Gift Pa..
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Few experiences are more beloved than motherhood, yet the role can be very lonely. There are no headlines applauding the accomplishment of getting all the kids to bed. No one sees the gargantuan effort it takes to seal the lips when all you really want to do is snap. Mothers battle monotony and inse..
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Knowledge of the laws of niddah is absolutely essential for every married woman, and in this new book, Rabbi Forst performs an invaluable service. Unlike his previous works, this book is not geared for someone studying the subject in depth. Instead, it is tailored to the specific needs of women and ..
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An award-winning author writes to her fellow wives, mothers, and homemakers...
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From the thought-provoking pen of Rebbitzen Feige Twerski comes a long-awaited compilation of her finest reader-response articles. Featured on and in Hamodia, Rebbetizen Twerski brings a refreshing, wide-angled Torah perspective to the handling of everyday life. Brimming with pragmatic solu..
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Rabbi Eliyohu Goldschmidt was a prominent yeshivah educator and a master of human nature, especially with regard to how it effects marriage, child rearing and home life. In this wise, loving, and provocative book, the author shares his years of experience, counsel, and Torah-saturated outlook with h..
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Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, one of the greatest gedolei Torah and poskim of our time, is a revered guide to thousands of people who seek his advice on Halachah and personal matters. Rabbi Moshe Finkelstein’s book contains a selection of his periodic lectures to women, followed by question-a..
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This is the survival kit for the Jewish juggler of time and responsibilities. Chaya Levine and Nechamah Berg are mothers, homemakers, and time management professionals. In this book they share their secrets with us. A Tamar Book...
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From the author of the bestseller Holy Woman comes Lights from Jerusalem. Like Holy Woman, the stories in this volume both fascinate and inspire. Its wisdom is gleaned from: a paralyzed educator who writes books with his eye movements; from a mother of 14 children who feeds 200 guests every Shabbos..
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Hundreds of families rely on him to guide them through the shoals and rapids of life. Now, let him enhance your marriage. A wise and sensitive guide to making any marriage even better! Lots of the happy children and adults in the Holy City and lots of rejuvenated marriages are living testimony to Ra..
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The Mother's Helper You've Been Waiting For! How does a mother find space for herself, when she must give so much to others? How do we stop from comparing ourselves to ""supermoms""? I love this baby so much, but I am just so tired!"" Postpartum depression: How do I know I have it? And what do I d..
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