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Model: UENL-1
The United States Congress President in 1991 endorsed a set of seven universal ethical principles, known as the Noahide Laws, as the "bedrock of society since the dawn of civilization" and as values "upon which our great nation was founded." Associated with the name of Noah, with whom this moral cod..
Model: 101M-1
In Wisdom to Heal the Earth, Tzvi Freeman provides a glimpse of the Rebbe's vision of humanity's great journey, and demonstrates how the choices we make in our everyday lives are vital, crucial, and especially urgent today, in reaching our ultimate destiny. In Jewish parlance we call ..
Model: 9781946351470
G-d is one. The first two days of creation witness the unfolding of the concept of the number two. This unique work emerges from the convergence of Torah exegesis, Chinese medicine theory, geometry, biology, chemistry, quantum mechanics, particle physics, string theory, astrophysics, cosmology ..
Model: ABC-1
Have you ever wondered... why?Why do we need science if everything is contained in the Torah?Why are there so many scientists who are atheists and non-believers?Why did G-d create such a huge universe?Why don’t the medicinal remedies mentioned in the Talmud work nowadays?If you have, then ABCs of To..
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The characters of the Bible are some of the best known in all of history, art and literature. Yet the heroes and heroines of the Bible—Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Eve, Sarah, Deborah and the others—remain elusive and enigmatic. Biblical Images, a collection of twenty-five portraits of biblical figu..
Model: ESGY-1
100% Heymish Guaranteed! NOW IN ITS 6TH EDITION!!  NEW SECTION!! Yiddish-English/English-Yiddish Dictionary In The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Yiddish you’ll get:   Over 1500 of the most common Yiddish words and expressions. ..
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