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Model: ERE-18
The set is complete in 18 Volumes Vol. 1 Sefer Mada Vol. 2 Sefer Ahava Vol. 3 Sefer Zmanim Vol 1 Vol. 4 Sefer Zmanim Vol 2 Vol. 5 Sefer Nashim Vol. 6 Kedushah Vol...
Model: 1422609898
We all want the blessings of peace and harmony. What this remarkably enjoyable and transformative book shows us is that those blessings, and many more, often begin with small words of greeting or a tiny act of kindness. One Small Deed Can Change the World is an unusual book, combining great true sto..
Model: RHT-2
New!! These 2 volumes completes the set. To purchase the whole set click here
Model: 1578197511
Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn’s previous “Maggid” books have only whetted the public’s appetite for more stories featuring the beauty of the Jewish heritage as it was -- and is -- actually lived by its sons and daughters, stories of inspiration, courage, faith, and friendship. This sixth offering i..
Model: 1578193559
Rabbi Paysach Krohn's best-selling collections of stories captivate his readers. The lessons he teaches, the warmth he exudes, and the richness of his tales have thrilled English-speaking audiences and readers for decades. And now - Rabbi Krohn will say it all in French, the language of thousands of..
Model: 1879016052
The underlying thought and ideology of the Sabbath and a survey of its laws...
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