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People of The Word

People of The Word
People of The Word

In people of the word, we gain insight into fifty key Hebrew words that have been mistranslated and misunderstood for centuries. Each chapter takes the reader on an etymological journey into the big ideas that continue to shape Jewish thought, values, and culture to this day. A growing body of research suggests that language does more than communicate our perception of reality; it creates it. The patterns, structures, and particular words used in each language not only offer a window into a culture’s sensibilities, dispositions, and priorities, they help shape them, as well. In the words of Charlemagne: “To have a second language is to have a second soul.” Moreover, unlike other languages, Hebrew words and names are not arbitrary. They are definitive and expressive of the true nature of things and are therefore understood to provide insight into the nature and meaning of things. This means that a deeper understanding of any given object or idea is embedded within the Hebrew word used to describe it. In G-d’s language, words are portals into the meaning of things from the Divine perspective. This book is, therefore, more than just a book of words. It provides windows of insight into Jewish history, thought, culture, meaning, and practice. It is an attempt at capturing the unique spirit of Judaic thought that sets it apart from its counterparts and popular society. It includes many relevant themes to provide a glimpse of the profound depth of Jewish philosophy by unpacking fifty Hebrew words to uncover their deeper meaning, significance, and insights into life.

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