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Excavating the Bible

Excavating the Bible
Excavating the Bible

New Archaeological Evidence for the Historical Reliability of Scripture

The Hebrew Bible describes the saga of a uniquely full-born, sophisticated, highly developed society that is radically different and distinct from its neighbors or from any other ancient people. A unique system of laws, justice, literature, poetry, government, worship, ideology, humanity and history is described. No one has suggested a credible, provable theory for its origin other than to take it at its face value.

No one has demonstrated, with any degree of certainty, an alternate answer to how Israel and its way of life was born and accepted by a sometimes rebellious nation. Add to this the fact that during the past few years archaeologists have unearthed, almost at a monthly pace, numerous artifacts and pieces of evidence that validate the Biblical narrative.

Serious seekers will find this volume a breath of fresh air.

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AuthorYitzhak Meitlis
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