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Roiza Weinreich understands teenagers like few others. Because she empathizes so well, she knows how to listen, guide, and counsel. That's why her books have been so successful - and this one will be no exception. Succinctly and sympathetically, the author deals with the kinds of questions and prob..
Model: 0899065899
The teen years are the greenhouse of personal growth, and this perceptive book shows how to make them happy and productive. It's practical. It's real. It's wise. It's fun. So read, enjoy, and grow!..
Model: 0899066054
Surprise yourself with your own ability. This book provides clear exercises, tips, and strategies to help you savor the moments of your life that too often are missed. Learn how to celebrate everyday life, look for the benefits in every situation, cope with numerous small hassles, be calm and cheerf..
Model: 1578194342
No one talks to teenagers better than other teens! In this sequel to Roiza Weinreich's popular A Gift to Teens, the author deftly weaves teenagers’ observations into a sunny, inspiring book, calculated to lift every reader to new heights of optimism. Feeling a little down? Worried? Find out how ot..
Model: 1422614921
Friends, classmates, parents, siblings... they're what we cherish most in life. Now you can learn how to protect your greatest treasure from damage, keeping your relationships shining bright. It's all in the power of the words you speak. Learn the answers to such vital everyday questions as: Is a ..
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This proven self-help book evolved out of real-life, hands-on workshops that have helped hundreds develop their potential and accomplish their goals. Provides techniques, exercises, and fascinating examples...
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  Beloved, bestselling author C.B. Weinfeld takes us on yet another journey to find hidden stars! Moshe was homeless, disabled, down on his luck. Who would believe a casual invitation would lead to an unbelievable Pesach Seder miracle? ..
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This adventure story takes place in Israel during the time of Bais Sheni (the second Temple). More than anything else, Rachel wants to see the service of the priests in the Bais HaMikdosh (Temple), but she's too young and she's a girl so her father won't take her inside. But Rachel has a plan .....
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Join Rabbi Berel Wein on an incredible journey through more than 2,000 years and more than 20 countries. It's quite a trip.It began at a Seder, with Rabbi Berel Wein - the world famous rav, speaker, historian, and author - imagining what it would be like to accompany Eliyahu HaNavi on his trave..
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